Join me Feb 4/21, 9am EST for an enlightening episode.

COVID-19 has forever changed the way we do business, think about business, adapt to business needs, and think about our responses to crisis and disaster situations. I speak to renown industry expert, entrepreneur, trainer, and author, Geary Sikich, as we chat about some of the COVID-19 related thoughts he presented at the Continuity & Resilience Today (CRT) conference in Oct/20. Geary touches on some key themes relating to COVID, from Supply Chain Mgmt. to Risk Management to the growing needs for an ‘all-hazards’ approach to help build resilience, Be sure to tune in and listen to Geary’s incredible insights on COVID-19, and the future of the Risk and Business Continuity Management industries, including how Governments and the Private sector will need to work together going forward.

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