When we understand our value, we are equipped to add value
to the lives of others.
Have you ever been in the midst of difficulty or uncertainty and found yourself questioning your significance or trying to figure out your sense of purpose?  Have you or do you struggle with not feeling good enough?   Do you find yourself trying to fit into circles where others seem to minimize your value?  Believe it or not, these are shared reflections of not feeling good enough.

My Story

I have always been eager to be a successful entrepreneur, write and travel the world inspiring women. However, I can recall times when I found myself scared that I would not be successful.   While I have now taken the plunge to fulfil several God-directed assignments,  there are those moments when I still feel a tiny bit nervous. These are moments where I feel that I am not smart enough, not talented enough, not productive enough or don’t measure up to the achievements of other successful entrepreneurs whom I admire.  There are other days when I am extremely confident in my own skin and feel as if I could rule the world, my creativity is flowing, my To-Do List is on point, and I am making things happen.

Several years ago, I and four other women who named ourselves, The Phenomenal Five, would meet once a month in Harrisburg for our monthly sister circle.   It was a time of transparency and sheer authenticity.  We would gather over dinner and once settled in, would unashamedly share our collective successes as well as insecurities without judgment.  This space of intentional openness allowed us to encourage and inspire each other despite the fears – big and small – that we felt.

I remember how we would laugh, cry and encourage one another as we truly believed in each of our respective abilities and value.  These monthly gatherings are moments I will always cherish as they proved powerful in helping me to shift my perspective of my own worth. Today, when I find myself being challenged with any nervousness, I recall those powerful conversations and the courageous perspectives offered, which to this day, not only inspire me to remember who I am, but to inspire other women to do the same.

Shifting Perspective

Once you acknowledge feelings of not being good enough and identify the root cause, you may wonder how to move past this.  The most important shift is understanding the importance of establishing boundaries. Why? Because YOU MATTER!   As you begin to reflect, you will discover that the lack of established boundaries can create barriers to investing time in yourself, acknowledging your potential, setting a worthy goal, avoiding common traps, surviving bad days, and binding thoughts of failure.

Here are some practical steps to establish boundaries that will help you regain your self-worth and knowing that you are indeed good enough.

  1. Be honest and transparent.  When you are transparent about your life experiences, the fears you face, and your short-comings, you find support from those you trust in knowing that you are not alone.  They are able to offer valuable perspective during those moments when you are unable to see your real worth.
  2. Stay free of the comparison trap.  Stop comparing yourself to others who you perceive as high achievers.  Instead, create your own definition of success that liberates you.
  3. Give attention to what you do right.  Not one of us is perfect.  There is value in acknowledging your strengths rather than giving attention to your flaws. Embrace that you are worth far more than you give yourself credit for.
7-Day Action Plan 

For the next seven days refer to the list above and jot down ways you value yourself!  Select an area where you may feel not as valued as you would like.  Then ask yourself these question:  If I valued myself more, what would I do in this situation? Who would I be?  What would be the first step I would take in promoting my self-worth?

The purpose of this activity is for you to recognize the qualities that you possess as well as identify potential areas that you need to work on.

Final Step

No matter how challenging or difficult the situations you may face, never stop believing that you are good enough! Whether you have an extraordinary idea for a project, or an opportunity to partner on an assignment, you must believe that you have what it takes.  You don’t need validation before you can feel that you are good enough.  This week’s Call to Action:  Just believe that you are and walk in it!

When you are clear about your value, it leads to a greater sense of inspiration and clarity about your real worth and the opportunities that lie ahead.  You are worthy, valuable and good enough! 

Dare to Live Your Best Life in Abundance,

Your Mindset and Wellness Coach