Recently KIDS FIRST! Film Critics had the opportunity to chat with the team at Air Bud Entertainment to learn more about the Air Bud Entertainment Collectible NFTs. As long time fans of the Air Bud Entertainment films, we were excited to learn more about this expansion into the word of NFTs.

When interviewing Air Bud Entertainment’s Robert Vince (CEO), Eric Vince (VP Business Development) and Anna McRoberts (President) we learned that the focus of these collectibles is to give the owner exclusive access to the Air Bud a community and how each one features a package of unique and exclusive content, including limited-edition video content, interactive games and physical merchandise.   Most importantly, the content and characters celebrate important themes such as friendship, teamwork and family, and, as part of the Air Bud community, members are connected to a group of like-minded parents and kids who share these values — and who want to collect and engage with Air Bud Entertainment content together.

Take a look at our two of our interviews by our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics with Air Bud’s C-Suite executives who talked about things you are probably curious about as well. And, just because our KIDS FIRST! Followers are so awesome, ABE is offering our followers $5 off on their first purchase. Use this code for the discount: ABKids5. The offer ends July 1, 2022.

Eshaan M., Samantha P., and Zoe C. interview Robert and Eric Vince about Air Bud Entertainment’s NFT launch. Questions include:

  • What am I really getting when I get an NFT?
  • How does the process of building a collection of NFT’s work?
  • What’s the connection between NFTs and cryptocurrency?

Ashleigh C., Katie F. and Calee N. interview Robert and Eric Vince about Air Bud Entertainment’s NFT launch. Questions include:

  • Can you explain what an NFT is?
  • What was the beginning thought process of creating an Air Bud NFT?
  • Are NFTs the future of art and collectables?

What comes first? The initial NFT comes from the immersive new Genesis collection and features a collectible coin from ABE’s newest series Super PupZ, plus a Zeta video. For a limited time, this NFT includes a free air drop of one of the Super PupZ trading cards. Super PupZ is streaming now on Netflix. More information at:

Let’s look at two more interviews by our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics:

Heather S. & Ethan P. interview Anna McRoberts & Eric Vince about Air Bud Entertainment’s NFT launch. Questions include:

  • NFTs have become so popular; even younger kids know about them. What advice do you have for future young collectors?
  • When will the Air Bud NFTs be available for the public?
  • How has your life been different after collecting NFTs yourself?

Enjoy Tiana S., Dominic D. and Keila V.’s interview with Anna McRoberts and Eric Vince about Air Bud Entertainment’s NFT launch. Questions include:

  • Why did you choose to promote this show using NFT’s?
  • I want to be able to learn as much as possible about this technology. Will there be ways for us to communicate and share ideas catered to our interests regarding the Air Bud NFTs?
  • Why did you pick NFTs as a way to turn your fan base into a more interactive and connected community and how will Air Bud Entertainment look at the success of this NFT project after the upcoming launch?

Some things to know:

  • When you join the ABE Collectibles community, you will receive the original NFT token, free NFTs and more. It’s an ongoing community where collecting is made easy as there is no requirement to own cryptocurrency.
  • You do not need to use cryptocurrency for ABE Collectibles. They have partnered with Shopify where you can purchase a membership and NFTs using the most conventional payment methods like credit cards, Apple Pay, and similar.
  • NFTs are assets that you own. You can keep, trade or sell them on the ABE Collectibles website with other community members all around the globe. The secondary trading will begin in 90 days.
  • The Air Bud Entertainment (ABE) community is a closed, safe, exclusive community. This means the community website is the only place where you can view and purchase their exclusive content. When you log onto, you are guaranteed not to be redirected to any other website.
  • New NFTs will be dropped weekly from the extensive ABE library of 22 movies and four series with hundreds of unique characters. A new portal will be opened every 60 to 90 days — the first from the new family Netflix series Super PupZ followed by Pup Academy. Each portal will have its own unique world offerings of branded content to own. The ABE community can keep or trade on

Our last two groups might touch on some questions that you haven’t had answered yet. Take a look:

Enjoy Nathalia J., Mars R. and Sariah R.’s interview with Anna McRoberts & Eric Vince about Air Bud Entertainment’s NFT launch. Questions include:

  • What are the hopes you have with introducing kids to the world of Non-Transferable Tokens (NFTs)?
  • How did your team come up with the design for the NFTs and who designed it? 
  • For fans of the Super Buddies and Super PupZ, what can we expect to see in the future from Air Bud Entertainment and how will that be reflected in future releases of NFTs?

Benjamin P., Anna Clara B. and Carlee S. interview Anna McRoberts & Eric Vince about Air Bud Entertainment’s NFTs.

  • So you think these NFTs can be enjoyed by the whole family?
  • Why do NFTs feel right for Air Bud?
  • Can you talk about the different Key Pillars of Air Bud Entertainment collectibles and why you chose them?