An incubator is a device that helps to create a favorable environment for newborn babies and cell culture. The temperature and humidity of the incubator can be regulated as per your requirements. A temperature logger is used to monitor the temperature of the incubator. Here are some of the uses of an incubator.

  1. It is used for prematurely born babies

Some babies are born before the maturity period and they are known as prematurely born babies. These babies cannot survive in a normal environment and a favorable environment has to be created for these babies and this can be done by placing the premature baby in an incubator.

  1. It helps to reduce breathing issues

When a baby is premature it will face difficulty in breathing. So, placing the baby in an incubator will reduce its breathing issues, as the oxygen levels of an incubator can be adjusted as per the requirements.

  1. Protects babies from infections

When a baby is premature it will have a poor immunity system, so it can easily get affected by any type of infection. But when the baby is placed in the incubator, the environment of the incubator will not let any virus or bacteria infect the baby.

  1. Helps babies to recover from surgery

There will be some babies who would require a surgery after few days after their birth. As the baby is just born it can’t be let in the open environment after the surgery. In such cases, babies are placed in an incubator until they recover from the surgery.

  1. An incubator is also used in laboratories

An incubator is not only used in hospitals but is also used in laboratories for cell culturing. An incubator will help to maintain optimum temperature and moisture for cell culturing.

These were some of the uses of an incubator. But it is also important to monitor the temperature of an incubator as if the temperature if the incubator keeps fluctuating it is very risky for the babies and cells placed in them. One best tool you can use to monitor the temperature of an incubator is a temperature logger. By maintaining a temperature log, you can record the temperature changes of the incubator and regulate it as per your needs.

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