How to make a Diabetes lifestyle of health and vitality EASIER


Type “reverse Diabetes naturally” in Google and you’ll get over 17,600,000 results.  Whoa!


Fortunately, the experts at the upcoming Holistic Diabetes Solutions Summit, including myself will save you a heck of a lot of time and literally hand you exactly what you need to finally start winning with Diabetes as naturally as possible.




Cheryl Ivaniski, your Summit host, has had Diabetes and Hashimotos disease for over 25 years.  Having seen in some of her family members how Diabetes stole not only their quality of life, but life itself from her grandmother, she started her mission immediately after recovering from her coma to find the holistic ways to live with Diabetes so she could continue to live her life to the fullest.


Today, Cheryl is a Dr. Holistic Medicine, expertly trained in natural nutrition and the mind-body connection.  She’s a 4 X bestselling and Global Award winning author, holistic health advocate,global speaker, and founder of the Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education.  She has co-authored books with today’s foremost thought leaders including Jack Canfield,Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and Dr. John Gray to name a few..


This Summit is a fine example of her endless quest to help as many people in the world as possible with Diabetes find new health, healing and hope in the holistic lifestyle. This is why I didn’t hesitate to accept her invitation to be one of the Summit Guest Speakers.  Mark your calendar for my interview, “Dealing with the Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Trauma of a Serious Medical Diagnosis and Treatment” on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH, at 4:30 pm Pacific/7:30 pm Eastern.




In addition to learning everything below, you will get free gifts just for registering and bonuses worth over $3,000.00 for being the attendee who gets the most people to register from your networks and communities simply by sharing this with them.


Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:


  • Food Fuel and How to Optimize Your Body with sound nutrition
  • How Emotions play a role in your health and healing process
  • EMDR and how it helps people with Diabetes
  • Heart Health – the relationship Diabetes has with heart health and why achieving normal HBA1c’s is critical
  • The influence of Functional Medicine and its role in Diabetes
  • The full story on blood sugar monitoring and its impact on your longevity and quality of life
  • How being Connected with yourself (spiritual self) plays a role in your quality of life
  • Stress – how emotional and mental stresses impact your health and wellbeing – and solutions to help you
  • The impact of not moving enough when you have Diabetes and simple solutions that take minutes
  • Kicking stressors to the curb for good – how to avoid and let go of unnecessary stress to keep your heart and mind strong
  • Low-energy – learn what you may be doing that decreases your energy and what you can do to skyrocket it
  • Skin Health – how to keep your skin hydrated so it can heal more quickly
  • … and much more!!




See you at the Summit on the 29th


Karin Weiri, LMFT


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