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Who’s doing it?

CEOs, corporate executives and industry specialists are taking the opportunity to write on what they know best, their businesses and industry.   All the news outlets are essentially blogs now too.  Here are some of my favorite executive blogs Craig Newmark of, Kevin Lynch of Adobe,  Richard Branson of Virgin, and Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, are all great examples of public figures from very successful companies who have adopted blogging as an effective way to communicate. 

Why Should You Blog?

Why shouldn’t you?  Writing articles on what you know is good for you, good for your business and good for mankind.  It helps with search engine optimization (more to come on that), establishing your business/profession as an expert, while also educating your customer or potential listener.

S.E.O – the greatest acronym on the face of the internet planet.

Search Engine Optimization is the technical term.  For us laymen, the term equates to, “ how can I make my website, show, business and brand yield searchable results online so people, leads and listeners can find me?  Creating engaging radio content coupled with textual content/blogging is a great way to increase the ability for people to find you, your business and your show.  If you want to go a step further, start making videos too and throw those up on your site and YouTube.  YouTube is the 2nd highest trafficked search engine out there so start engaging in video content to compliment your audio and textual content!

Articles on topics you are versed in position YOU as the expert.  For example, if you are a specialist in public speaking and someone is researching “tips to speak better in public” and your article shows up in the search results, indirectly you are advertising yourself as an expert in this space.   Take it a step further, and they read your article, then see at the bottom of your article your bio and a link to your radio show.  Then they click on the link to your show, listen to a show, maybe 2, bookmark your host page and TADAAAA, you have a new listener.  Then this new listener, posts your VoiceAmerica Radio Host page onto their Facebook profile page where their 850 friends can see your host page and access your radio show.   Let’s keep going, because this individual likes your show so much they post your article and host page on their LinkedIn profile where they have 500 contacts.  Magically you now are introduced to 1,350 new potential listeners/clients who have networks of their own to share your content with, and so on and so on.  Eventually your article or host page makes its way to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company and out- of-the-blue you are solicited to develop a year-long workshop so all 600 of their employees become better public speakers.  That’s the power of SEO, social media and the viral nature of the internet.  The mediums you chose to use should complement one another.  Radio + Video + Blogging = really good online representation, enhanced brand exposure and increased reach to your community, potential leads and listeners.

Helps Expands The Reach To Your Show

Blogging creates text. Published text online creates index-able terms for search engines.  People searching on what you are writing on, only further compliments what you are already doing as radio show hosts.  Look at it as another way to support your radio show, message, and content.

Makes You More Aware of Your Business

Blogging forces you to look at the industry you operate in, how you are effecting it, how others are influencing it and ultimately if you are on the forefront or back end to trends in your space. 


Brooke Ide is the Director of Marketing for VoiceAmerica.  She can be reached at brooke @ voiceamerica . com.