Our dream to live in South Africa started in 2009. It grew until it became a reality 9 years later. It took grit, hard work, determination and lots of personal sacrifice and we are now here. Living the “American” dream in South Africa. We understand that our dream is just that OURS, yet we are compelled to share our story and our journey with you. After several visits to this beautiful country we made the decision to purchase a home so that we may be continue to deliver authenticity in our personal experiences with you. We invite you to take a peak into our neighborhood and journey as we made the one way flight from the U.S. to South Africa to start a new chapter in our life that we can’t wait to share with you. https://youtu.be/-ZQuwbF4L9A Visit our website for more information and book today. The Blanton’s will be waiting to greet you and share their life to give you the experience you deserve.