Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Soul-2-Wellness Radio Show!

Beginning December 5, Soul-2-Wellness will be airing on Tuesdays at 4 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel. In a nutshell, we will explore the interrelation between holistic healing and the soul’s journey.

Something guided you here. I wonder, “Why?”

Curiosity emerges from intuition, and your intuition is as valuable as your critical thinking and reasoning. It’s so easy to get entranced by the convenience and entertainment of googling and gathering artificial information that we underestimate the profound depths of our own inner intelligence. We can lose interest and stop trusting our intuition. But KUDOS, you clearly have not! 

Exploring this blog will lead you to more information about your SELF in one way or another. Either you will conclude that Soul-2-Wellness is not for you and redirect to a more suitable source of information… OR you will experience a growing desire to learn more about your SELF through the show’s content.

My name is Cathy Thurman. As your host, I will share my favorite tools and stories from seventeen years of experience, working as a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Hypnotist, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Additionally, weekly guests will offer their expertise on alternative and complementary healing modalities.

What exactly is in store? Here are the Bullet Points: 

Soul-2-Wellness will discuss topics, encompassing Mind, Body, and Soul Healing:

1.  Basic Principles in Eastern Medicine Philosophy

2.  The Basic Anatomy and Mechanics of the Human Energy Field

3.  Simple Energy Medicine Techniques and Mindfulness Exercises to Practice at Home

4.  Affordable Alternative and Complementary Healing Modalities

5.  The Process through which our Subconscious Guides Us: Emotions, Dreams, Illness, and Synchronicities

6.  Reincarnation and The Soul’s Journey

7.  Inner Child Work

8.  Insightful Life Coaching Tips to Help Heal Unresolved Trauma and Transform Your Life

In Episode 1, we will review a mindful and stress-relieving, energy medicine technique to assist you through the holiday hustle and bustle. Moreover, my guest, Patrick Thurman and I will embark on Part 1 of “The Five Elements,” a transformational Eastern Medicine philosophy. If Socrates knew about “The Five Elements,” I am certain he would agree, it’s one of the best ways to “know thyself!” 

Here is the Essence of Soul-2-Wellness:

At age eighteen, I began working in the hospitals as a certified Nurse’s Aide and EKG Technician. I worked in every department, while completing my degree in Speech-Language Pathology. As a Speech Therapist, I primarily worked with patients, having suffered from brain injury. I supplemented my education in Depth Psychology to better assist my patients with their trauma. It was my education in Depth Psychology that awakened me to the need for inner-child work, and this jump-started the exploration of my greatest passion, The Soul’s Journey.

About seventeen years ago, my husband turned very ill. He was misdiagnosed. The misdiagnosis wound up being a blessing in disguise that eventually led to the proper medical care. As soon as I nursed my husband back to health, I turned ill, and the root cause of my issue was also misdiagnosed. The misdiagnosis and intervention I received from Western Medicine led to a rapid decline in health. I realized I was going to have to play a proactive role, and I began to explore alternative healing modalities. I stumbled across Energy Medicine and gave it an honest effort. I was so impressed with the rapid results that I had to learn more, and this led to a career change. I have been due diligently studying Eastern Medicine philosophy and methods ever since. My education in Eastern Medicine explained many of the “miracle healings” I witnessed as a health care practitioner in Western Medicine, and I look forward to sharing these enlightened experiences with you!

I chose to be a Life Coach because the premise of life coaching is to reconnect clients to their OWN inner wisdom. Life coaching is founded on the theory that the client has all the answers within, and it’s our job as coaches to facilitate the self-exploration process. What I love most about Life Coaching are the practical tools… You never leave a session feeling as though you’ve had emotional gut surgery, and you never leave wondering what to do next. I decided to take Life Coaching to a deeper level, with the addition of Hypnosis and Energy Medicine.

A pro-holistic approach does NOT mean anti-science. I am an avid fan of both, and I see the purpose of Western and Eastern Medicine treatments. However, I believe Energy Medicine is the missing component in healthcare.

Energy Medicine has a profound, calming effect on the nervous system. In Energy Medicine, we refer to this calming effect as “grounding.” Simply put, the grounding helps a person’s body to feel safe and relaxed. When the body feels safe, the subconscious feels safe to release the fearful memories that hold us back in life. And when the body is grounded, it’s properly equipped to process painful emotions. As a bonus, the body has a greater abundance of energy to heal, as it’s naturally designed to do. The beauty of Energy Medicine is that it can be self-administered.

I am alive and breathing today because of Energy Medicine. Not only did Energy Medicine save my life, but it also healed my emotional trauma. Soul-2-Wellness will introduce simple Energy Medicine techniques to add to your health regimen, and you will learn new tools and habits that will naturally combat the old negative habits that no longer serve you.

Currently, I specialize in trauma work. I have developed an effective treatment program, with a safe and balanced approach to fully release and process painful emotions and memories stored in the body. Due to the successful results, I now have people flying from all over the country to spend weeks at a time with me, addressing their unresolved trauma. Many of my clients find me because they have had unsuccessful results, after spending a fortune at rehab programs. I have reached the point I can no longer keep up with the demand. Hence, the purpose of this show.

The biggest tragedy of trauma is that it disconnects us from our heart. Our heart is the source of our soul’s calling. I want to share with my listeners the foundation of my program to help them reconnect with their inner sage and reignite the passions that were lost due to heartbreak.

True healing takes time, and there are NO short cuts. Soul-2-Wellness addresses whole-person healing in small, manageable steps that lead to big changes. Are you ready to shift? 

If you are ready to shift, you will likely find this show to be a resourceful jumpstart towards the physical and emotional health you deserve!

If you are new to holistic healing, I will walk you through your options, explaining all the elements in simple terms. Along with my panel of guests, we will discuss acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, various forms of hands-on healing, yoga, dance, herbs, essential oils, flower remedies, crystals, scalar and rife technology and more. If you are experienced in alternative health, you may be interested in the amazing tools I’ve discovered that have augmented my practice, as well as the balance of my own health and wellness.

Most importantly, I invite you down the rabbit role into The Soul’s Journey… this idea that we are a soul having a human experience. Ten years of conducting past life regression hypnosis has me thoroughly convinced in reincarnation and that our trauma is designed to shape us, NOT break us! I will reveal the consistent morsels of wisdom from my hypnosis sessions with my exceptionally brave clients. The soul’s journey explains the purpose and meaning of suffering, and with understanding, comes true healing. I will share with you fascinating and artistic ways to communicate with your soul, and we will dive into dream interpretation. With an open mind and the collection of tools and information from this show, I am confident that life will begin to make sense… You will find what is missing and the answers you are looking for. This journey is never-ending, and we are not designed to travel it alone.

At age 53, I’m busy with my family life and career. I was not looking for this radio show opportunity. It literally knocked on my door and dropped into my lap. My curiosity wondered, “Why?” Is it a calling? It felt like it, but at the minimum… It’s one of many options to practice mastering the art of my transformation. I believe it’s a “peace offering” as well as a missing piece to my life puzzle. Through my connection with you, I know I’ll find myself one step closer to who I am and what I came here to do.

If you decide to join us, it’s an honor to have you as a traveling companion on the journey!

Welcome to Soul-2-Wellness with Cathy Thurman, airing Tuesdays at 4 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel, beginning December 5, 2023.