The greatest reward to Life Coaching is watching my clients flourish after they have completed the introspective groundwork to uncover their true values and authentic self.

Creating change and moving forward is a BUMPY road if we’re not comfortable in our own shoes. Initially, we must find our footing, and then stabilize and build from there.

“Find our footing”… I know! That is as helpful as these other expressions:
• Be your own source of strength.
• Find your path.
• Fill your own bucket.
• Take charge of your needs.
• Create your own happiness.

It all sounds and looks good… But where are the instructions that explain, “HOW?”

How do I establish the footing to conjure the strength to fill some bucket to meet my needs, that leads to a road with my name on it and then, live happily ever after with a life partner, especially when I feel completely LOST?

Well, I can offer a little direction. And by the end of this blog, you will know whether it resonates.

Stumbling along my bumpy path, I discovered a profound theory in Eastern Medicine, called THE FIVE ELEMENTS (a.k.a. the “Elements”). In textbooks, the Elements are referred to as a “rhythm” or “cycle of energy” that flows through mother nature and our bodies. This rhythm influences our mental health, our physical health, and most importantly, our life path. I describe the Elements as our “essence”… It is the culmination of who we are and what we came here to do!

This road with YOUR name on it… YOUR life path… YOUR journey… It’s about YOU, not a partner.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting a traveling companion! The self-discovery process is never-ending, and we can learn more about ourselves through our relations with others. However, if you are looking for a partner to fit in your picture of life, then it’s important this person complements, nurtures, and balances your energetic essence. Otherwise, a partner may deplete your energy, cause unnecessary hardship and frustration, and possibly obstruct your personal growth.

Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, quoted: “You are the summation of the five people you spend the most time with.” Obviously, a life partner (when you find this person) is one of those five people.

Do the core people in your life BOOST your energy or DEPLETE your energy? If the people surrounding you are depleting your energy, it’s because they are NOT energetically compatible with you.

Learning about the Elements helps you to understand your energy, identify your needs, and find your compatible tribe.

In what home environment do you most thrive…
• A warm home, surrounded by the things that bring you comfort?
• An organized and orderly home?
• A home life, full of projects and activities?
• A quiet home (where you can study and ponder your thoughts)?
• A home, full of familiar companions or interesting, new visitors?
• A home with a bed, a shower and a change of clothes (where you can crash and rejuvenate, just long enough to return to your adventures OUTSIDE the home)?

It’s important to reflect on the things that make us feel at home and to reflect on the things about the PEOPLE who make us feel at home… Because when we feel at home, it feels safe to grow ROOTS… and there is your “footing”, which leads to that stable foundation on which to build a happy life.

Learning about the Elements helps us to find our happy place. And BALANCING our Elements is what puts the groove in our moves, when we do our happy dance!

When I explain the Elements to my clients, the typical response is, “Why did I not know about this sooner?” You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from learning more!

Starting December 5, on the first episode of Soul-2-Wellness, we will embark on Part 1 of The Five Element theory.

Through the Five Element Theory, you will learn:
• Why some people are perpetually late and struggle with completing projects.
• Why some people are overachievers and cannot rest until they finish a project.
• Why some people are deep and detail-oriented and other people are more surface-level and just want “the facts”.
• Why some people are loyal and trustworthy, and others have affairs or struggle with addiction.
• Why some people’s lives revolve around work or family or pets or nature.
• Why some people thrive on orderly structure, and why others live to break the rules!

Above all, you will begin to learn what provides you with sufficient energy to explore and manage your life, such that you can handle a few bumps in the road and keep moving FORWARD!

The Five Element Theory discussion begins on Tuesday, December 5. Thanks for being here, and happy journeying!

I hope you can join us on Soul-2-Wellness with Cathy Thurman on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel, airing Tuesdays at 4 PM Pacific Time!