Author: Jon Ramer

Mighty Compassion: Breaking Our Collective Spell

October 7th 2023 marks another turning point, a day when the world’s ongoing turmoil reached a new peak. Faced with this latest crisis, one that challenges our understanding and tests our resilience, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. The global narrative seems to be one of madness – a world fixated on conflict and blame, as if certainty still reigns in these uncertain times. This paper aims to address this paradox, offering insights into how we can break free from this collective spell and cultivate mighty compassion amidst the chaos.

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The Bubbles of Babel 

We live in an era where reality is increasingly fragmented, no longer a collective experience but splintered into isolated information bubbles. In this post-truth world, diverging perceptions of reality are widening the gaps between us.

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The Future of Online Communities: An Architecture of Interconnectedness

In an increasingly fragmented digital world, the idea of interconnected communities emerges as a novel approach to foster collaboration. Forget the siloed networks and platforms that compartmentalize our experiences. Imagine instead a sprawling, organic network where each community, with its unique passions and interests, is but a single node in a complex web of collective growth and shared resources. In this blog post, we will delve into what such an architecture of interconnected communities might look like and what it would require for implementation.

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