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The Poetry of Plants

Have you ever wandered your garden and realized the growing landscape is poetry in motion? Each day promises something new and exciting. Plant poetry is indeed endowed with more than material beauty.https://cynthiabrian.substack.com/p/the-poetry-of-plants?

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Beating Podfading: Tips for Consistency

If you work in the broadcasting industry, you may be familiar with the term “podfading.” Podfading occurs when a podcast host discontinues their show without any intention of ending it, or when the host gradually reduces the frequency of releasing new podcast episodes from their original schedule. This can happen for various reasons, such as the host becoming too busy, feeling dissatisfied with their listener numbers, or losing motivation to create new content. Essentially, the host abandons their podcast altogether. However, at the VoiceAmerica Network, we offer services that eliminate the need to worry about “podfading,” enabling hosts to consistently release episodes—as long as they attend the scheduled Zoom meetings!

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