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As of 7 years ago, my life no longer operated from the same paradigm as most others. What does that mean? Well, I began leaping into the things I desired to do and somehow despite the odds, they began growing, touching people in many places. However, from the traditional – practical – business point of view… I was a failure. I wasn’t making any money… did not even have a revenue stream. Bankers would look at me and say, ‘What are you doing?’ This venture is in the ‘red’. 

All I knew is that I was compelled… I had been given a mission in a way most others would not understand. It would look like I had gone out on a limb. What they did not know is I was supported. Somehow everything that mattered showed up, it may not have been in the measurements that most grade by… but I had all I needed… and I was doing it by following the signs and symbols… the messages… the Conversations With the Universe.

It makes no logical sense that a woman with no prior magazine experience would be able to create a top notch, award winning publication, featuring the leading people in the worlds of inspiration and motivation. It make no practical sense that this ended up in stores across the country, that a radio network would turn it into a show, it would be given the Nautilus award or that the radio show would achieve 850,000 listeners as of two months ago. But…I was just following the Conversations With The Universe. 

Nor does it make sense that I would publish a book and on the day it released hit #1 in a category on Amazon and 5 and 7 in two others. I tell you this because there is something going on here… and it goes beyond trying to figure out God or a bridge between science and spirituality… it is about being the experience… ‘experience’ experiencing itself… being ONE with the mighty presence… ( God – Universe – Source ) and its rhythm which is anything but random. It is reflective of engaging deeply in Conversations With the Universe. 

I urge you to get my book. You will never look at life the same way… you will never see yourself the same way… you will finally truly understand your life purpose. Don’t believe me… read the book. In Love, Of Love, With Love… I am Simran Singh, Host of 11:11 Talk Radio 7th Wave Network – Voice America 

Special Note, when you begin reading, access the free support tools at including 2 meditations, a video series, and audio introduction, a free lifetime subscription to 11:11 Magazine and 30 days of my Wake-Up Call program. Enjoy! Also every copy purchased anywhere is a chance to win a 10-Day/9-Night experience in Machu Picchu with me engaging in Conversations With The Universe! All details on website. 



Already, I’m suggesting to my students and friends that they ‘run, don’t walk’, to get Simran Singh’s new book, Conversations with The Universe: How the World Speaks to Us. Simran teaches how to recognize messages of the soul, of the Higher Self in a most personal way. She makes the relational conversation of the universe very tangible. She emphasizes how the language of interpreting signs that are unique to YOU is indigenous and completely natural. I say this ‘language’ could/should be taught in primary school. Finally someone has written a book that teaches how to get in touch with the guidepost of their very soul. BRAVO Simran! This is a book and a message that has finally arrived. I’m keeping a copy for myself and an extra one on hand to give to a friend….when I get a sign to do so! -Jamee C.

When you finish the book, you will never see the world around you the same way again, you will not see anymore you will stare, you will not hear any more you will listen….the signs. If you are hurt you will heal, if you are troubled you will find peace, you will never be the same again you will be YOU. This is where Simran Singh’s book is taking you….TO YOU. – Florence

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Simran Singh—a creative visionary, transformational catalyst, and humorist in the realms of metaphysics, spirituality, and motivation—is the award winning publisher of11:11 Magazine. She hosts the #1-rated, syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave.  As author of Conversations with the Universe, Simran walks her talk by letting all go in order to live boldly during the experience of a “one-year, one woman live-streamed RV-tour around the country.” The Rebel Road  is her vision of freeing people from their self-imposed limitations to live life fearlessly, boldly, and in the full, passionate adventure of the heart’s desire to awaken the infinite possibility and creative flow that is our natural inheritance.