#9 Tai Chi Wednesday

Internal Movement: Moving While Seeming Still

Here is one thing I rather enjoy hearing when I do my form: “Why do you stop and pause when you do your form”? My response is always to thank them first and then tell them that I never stop moving.  There are movements and adjustments that if done correctly cannot be seen. After I verbally answer their question I ask them if they will allow physical contact between us so that I can allow them actually feel the motion that they visually cannot see. Then I put my hands on them and then they move, with very little to no visual moment from my part. They always come back with a “stronger” stance/posture, either at the own volition or at my opening to communicate; and then they are moved again. And this is where many people enter into an understanding of what is meant by Internal Martial Art; and hopefully after entering they gain an accurate and practical understanding of what is meant by someone defining something as an Internal Martial. Getting into what is an Internal vs. External martial Art is something that will not be discussed in this post; that will come at a later date and more than likely not in a Tai Chi Wednesday post. So, keep a lookout for other Martial Arts posts by me. Anyway, back to the topic of staying in motion while seeming visually still. There are weight adjustments via activation of or relaxation of sinew; tendons, muscles etc. that the human eye cannot see if done properly. Consciously connected sympathetic masked adjustments give the illusion of no movement when movement is present. 

Now take this understanding in your life. There are things that if you let them allow themselves to work themselves out will turn out just fine if you don’t “visually” get involve. When you have a problem with someone you don’t always have to talk it out with them. View the situation and see what adjustments you can make to alter the situation to a total positive outcome for all parties and then do it. There has to be no fanfare, fuss, pomp and circumstance, or ceremony involved. Now to be able to do this you must be able to see and find all the faults that you have in the situation. You have to be honest with yourself for all of the obstacles and problems you added to a situation to make it as bad as it had gotten. You have to be able to forgive yourself for being so wrong and negative as well. You must have the desire, not just the moral understanding, to want things to become positive for all sides. Then you will be able to remove the obstacles that you placed in the way. Note: it takes more time to take away obstacles than it does to put them in place, so be ready to do lots of work and don’t expect the product of your actions to come quick, if at all. Once you remove your obstacles; without bringing light to the fact that you did, the next step is to note in all the shared obstacles that you placed. Shared obstacles are those that are there not by full fault of you; however, they would not be there without you. Connect to those obstacles, make the adjustments necessary, and then wait. All you can take care of are the things for which you have any fault. You have to know how to let go and when to let go. You have to learn patience and acceptance. If you honestly removed all of your obstacles for which you had total fault and you made proper adjustments to remove what you are at partial fault, all you have to do is wait. 

Connect and wait. You know you’ve done something properly when everything works out in your favor and people don’t see you do anything at all.


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