#11 Taichi Wdenesday

A Bagua Moment

To me there is a set of triplet sisters in the Chinese internal martial arts systems.  They are: Tai Chi Ch’uan (太極拳), Ba Gua Zhang (八卦掌), and Xing Yi Quan (形意拳).  From my understanding, what I have developed over my time training is that Tai Chi Ch’uan can signify the center of the circle/sphere, Ba Gua Zhang is the circle/sphere and Xing Yi Quan is the line through the circle/sphere.  I bring these forms up because I will speak on Ba Gua Zhang (八卦掌), the Eight Trigram Palm, during our Tai Chi Wednesday sessions.

This hopefully will bring light to subjects from a different angle.  There are terms used in Tai Chi Ch’uan that are similar to terms that are used in Ba Gua Zhang; however, because of the attitude of the forms one can derive many different meanings when using the forms as filters for the word.  Find different Tai Chi and Ba Gua martial artist and say these four words: Opening, Closing, Expanding, and Contracting.  You are going to get a wonderful array of answers.  Some will group the words as Opening and Closing vs. Expanding and Contracting.  Some will equate Opening with Expanding and Closing with Contracting.  Some with have 8 complete different definition four for the Tai Chi Ch’uan martial artists and four for the Ba Gua Zhang martial artists.

So, lesson one form this Ba Gua Moment: Something to one can be similar to or completely different to another.

Make sure that when you walk the circle of your day, and you encounter the many peoples and situations of your day, that you comprehend that your actions can be viewed differently depending on who interoperates them.  You can ask one person a question, and what may happen is that they believe that you are harassing them, you believe that you are openly and genuinely looking to be educated on a matter, and a third person that is not a direct part of the conversation as you two flirting.  Note what you say, when you say it and why you say it.  Think before you speak, not only of your words.  Think of all of the ways what you say can be taken because of connotation and context.  Thank of others and how they are before you speak to them.  I’ve never understood my people would logically tell someone that is being vehemently hysterical to clam-down.  Sure it is meant to calm them down; however, is that really correct change that needs to happen?  Maybe they are calming down and they just need a moment to release.  One of the last things one should to is interrupt someone when they are accessing their true feelings.  Also, note I stated that it is one of the last things not that it shouldn’t be done.

In Ba Gua Zhang there is a practice of holding a posture and walking in a circle while holding that posture.  This is called “Walking Circle”.  When walking circle one thing to note are all of the angles that are passed while walking and how the body (yours and/or and interlocutor’s) acts when at certain angles and in certain states.  I believe that we should endeavor to mentally walk circle to understand different situation before they happen.  Note possible outcomes without worry and without haste.  Always trying to positively grow our sphere of understanding so that when situations do arrive that we are prepared to change and cut the appropriate angles to grace fully guided ourselves, and possibly others, to a positive and fruitful outcome. 

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