people pleaser

It is certainly civil and noble to live a life as a nice person who is loved.

If you are after wealth, success, health, and wonderful intimacy, you will have to go beyond just being nice. Many “nice” people who were good contributors to society have died with very little money. To influence the Power to fulfill your desires, you must take additional steps.

Certainly be pleasant, nice, and polite. In addition to displaying good manners, you must saturate your subconscious mind with thoughts of wealth, visualizations of success, and continuous repetitions of prosperity affirmations to convince your Universal Power that you also want a life of prosperity. Something to keep “in mind.”

Thoughts Make You Wealthy. Wealth and success start with what you choose to think and talk about most of the day.





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 Richard Levy is a radio host for the show â€œWealthy Thoughts.”  on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. Levy is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, author and life coach. He is best known for his “Thoughts Make You Wealthy” philosophy, which focuses on identifying negative habits and replacing them with abundant thoughts and behaviors that cultivate personal and professional success. Levy’s philosophy is practiced by thousands of people across the country and has helped transform the lives of many. Levy’s positive lifestyle led him to personal and professional success and now his pursuit to help others learn to think their way to abundant lives of success, wealth, health and love. He speaks at events all across the country and regularly holds wealth seminars. His first book, “Thoughts Make You Wealthy,” was published in 2012. Levy lives in Chicago, where he enjoys spending time with his wife Anne and their two dogs, Lucy and Ricky.  


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