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About Aimee DuFresne

Aimee is the host of the show Vital Lessons: Feeding the Mind, Body & Soul.  Several years ago Aimee was kicking off her thirtieth birthday with a surprise celebration in Iceland, she was oblivious to the fact that the year would soon be filled with tragedy and unimaginable heartbreak.

In the next 12 months Aimee lost the two most significant men in her life, her ailing father and her young husband. In her deepest state of grief, Aimee realized she had a choice. She could simply give up or she could fight to keep going. She began letting go of fears to live her life to the fullest and realized her dream of being an author, a speaker, a soul coach, a radio show host and healthy living chef. After transforming her own life, she now empowers other women around the world to do the same. Need guidance to keep going? Join Aimee and the Keep Going Movement at www.aimeedufresne.com.