Our natural state is light vibration.  What is underlying our sensations of life is joy. Not only does each of us have immense power within us, we have the capacity to tap into unlimited universal potential to live at our highest potential. Our life is as meaningful as our ability to reach out. There is a universal truth in every moment of life. It comes from unity from the energy in our lives. When we aren’t in the way, we clear a path for universal truth. Healing is about an evolutionary process that is co-created with the universe at the highest vibrational interaction.  As we each travel on our life’s journey, we are definitely not alone. When we reconnect to these truths, we heal others and ourselves. Everything we seek is within us. It is not outside us. All the answers are written on our hearts.  All our lives are united.  Our mission is to connect our spiritual hearts to a spiritual existence and live radiantly! This is magical living.

Guest: Dr. Eric Pearl


Tune in Monday Nov. 11th at 4pm Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel for Dr. Anne Deatly new episode “Insights from Intelligent Energy with Dr. Eric Pearl.”

Our program focuses on energy medicine and how it can lead to optimal health. Energy is everywhere. Each of us has an energy body associated with our physical body. Nine different energy systems make up the energy body. Energy medicine is about determining energy balance in these energy systems. If imbalance is detected, proper energy balancing techniques are used to revitalize the body for efficient and optimal functioning of the body’s organs and physiological systems. We’ll highlight key exercises to use to empower optimal health by re-patterning your flow of energy. In addition, energy medicine can rebalance emotions that are the core of physical symptoms. In addition to discussing the nine energy systems, Energy medicine experts will discuss energy medicine and the law of attraction, hormones and anti-aging, psychology and psychiatry, and the last stages of life. Energy Medicine and Optimal Health airs live Mondays at 4 PM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness.