We are all surrounded by Electro Magnetic Fields of radiation – at home, at work, at play.   We all use appliances, computers, cordless phones, and television throughout the day.  These are all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation.   Did you also know that electric blankets, baby monitors and wireless networks also emit this type of radiation?  This radiation is essentially energy that is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.  They differ in type, wavelength and frequency.   They can be flowing or blocked.  The length of the wave is directly related to the frequency or the number of waves per second.  It is believed that a constant source of this radiation causes physical problems from fatigue, chronic fatigue, autism  to fibromyalgia according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt PhD. Is this all true?  Tune in listen to Dr. John Hache discuss this topic.

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On our show we will introduce new techniques, new devices and renew some older methods for pain management that do not involve drugs. These will assist those individuals that want to manage a healthier life style.We will give choices to manage today’s stress and muscular pain using isometrics, methods, exercises, and micro-current home devices that have been studied and proven to be very effective. These machines are used by medical professionals worldwide for many physical conditions and have been FDA approved in the US for pain management.Many people, especially “baby boomers,” have every intention to live their later lives fit and active. Instead of living out their lives in a nursing home, they will take the action necessary to stay as healthy as possible as their aging process continues.Our show will teach you to become responsible for your individual health by giving reliable tools and positive attitudes and confidence to energize the life of your dreams.