child traffickingHuman trafficking is a $32 billion industry annually, second only to drugs. The perpetrators are violent kidnappers and pimps who steal children, sometimes from their front years, and force them into sex slavery. Most of these children are never recovered. Host Youngjoo Ahn interviews Asya Gonzalez, teen creator of She Is Worth It, a Preventative Awareness campaign against Child Sex Trafficking and backlogged rape kits. Asya shares pertinent information on this tragic epidemic-the who, what, where, and how. New Techie Talks reporter, Caiseen Kelley, reveals how seemingly safe popular teen apps such as Snapchat could put youth in danger, and What’s Poppin’ reporter, Caie Kelley talks about the celebrities who make headlines with their efforts to combat human trafficking. America needs to take a stand against sex slavery. Human trafficking is happening in the USA at truck stops, in neighborhoods, and major venues such as the Super Bowl, Olympics, and sporting events. Tune in to find out how to recognize and stop forced sexual slavery. Our children depend on us for protection against predators.

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