coupleJoseph Losi, LMFT and Cynthia Benge LMHC join Cheri as we wrap up our mini-series on Love and Relationships.  Most of us have it backwards; hot sex does not lead to enduring love. Honest, courageous vulnerably powerful and emotionally aware communication leads to love. This type of love leads to hot sex…forever! Forget the Kama Sutra and the drudgery of reparative relationship behaviors.  Listen as Emotionally Focused therapists and couples workshop leaders Joseph Losi and Cynthia Benge help you learn the tools of the new revolution of romantic relationship that can regrow trust, connection and desire.  Find out how you can de-code the language of love to create the satisfying, intimate, passionate, secure and lasting relationship that you have always wanted and is waiting for you.  Learn More at:  “Hold Me Tight Seattle, Creating Connection in Relationship,”

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