SchoolBeing young doesn’t exempt you from stress. Between rigorous academics, extracurricular exercises, homework, family, friends, and other activities, teens are not living life on easy street. Co-hosts Youngjoo Ahn and Alex Lee lead a discussion about how young people can find relief from everyday school pressures. Hear about stress in the life of celebrities with our What’s Poppin’ reporter, Caie Kelley, about the stress technology causes with our Techie Talks reporter, Caiseen Kelley, and the statistics about the deterrent to our health induced by stress when we talk with Henna Hundal, our Health contributor. The teens offer tips to manage the tough times and reduce social anxiety with stress from school and life. No matter who you are or how much money you have, stress knows no boundaries but with mindfulness, it can be controlled. Relax, Sit Back, Breathe

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