Kangen Water’s motto is “Change your water, change your life.”  Simple and true.  What we put into our bodies can literally heal or harm us. Since our bodies are made up of 75% water, it makes sense that not only do we need to keep hydrated, but our bodies need to achieve optimal ph balance in order to thrive.  Did you know that most bottled waters, sports drinks, soft drinks, coffee and tea all create acidity in the body which eventually can create illness?   kagenwater.jpgMeet The Belardi’s

Dr. Greg (Ph.D.) & Therese Belardi, RN, MS have always taught that disease grows in an acidic body and cannot grow in an alkaline body; to make water your primary beverage; to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day for health and proper hydration; and to eat a more plant based diet to increase the body’s alkalinity while decreasing its over-acidity. When they came to understand the properties of Kangen Water® over three years ago and the fact that it is endorsed and used by the developer of the colonoscopy procedure in his medical practice, they realized this amazing and healthful water is a perfect fit with their mission to empower others to be optimally healthy in a natural, everyday way.  Enagic’s and the Belardis’ motto is Change Your Water, Change Your Life with Kangen Water!  Those interested in learning more about Kangen Water® can learn more about the healthful properties of the water for themselves, their families, and their pets at

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For the best information on how your body can heal from many chronic diseases by adding Kangen Water® to your life, not to mention making your home more green, listen to the episode on Cella’s Chat –
It Does Make a Difference
Since drinking this water, my acid reflux problems have reduced significantly, my skin looks clearer, I have more energy and I also use the water (with its different ph levels)  different ph levels to clean my house.  All I can say is amazing!  Disease cannot thrive in a alkaline environment – it just makes sense!  Don’t believe me or the interview on Cella’s Chat.  Check out these testimonials.
Water is the driving force in nature.  Leonardo da Vinci