simran-singhSimran Singh, number-one rated, 11:11 Talk Radio show host celebrates five years on Voice America 7th Wave network.

Acclaimed by many leading change agents as powerful programming, 11:11 Talk Radio is a weekly LIVE broadcast that is archived since 2009. In addition, Singh is the Nautilus Award-Winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine, featured speaker at an inaugural TEDx. and author of 2014 IPPY Gold Award Winning Conversations With The Universe and Your Journey To Enlightenment.

“Life conspires to give us what we desire, bringing together pieces that allow highest expression, collaboration and community. After launching 11:11 Magazine in 2009, Brandy Jackson, producer of 7th Wave programming approached me about bringing on 11:11 Talk Radio, a radio version of 11:11 magazine. This amazingly, beautiful experience has allowed deep conversation with leading artists, speakers, authors and scientists,” commented Singh.

“It seems implausible that an Indian woman reared in the bible-belt south, desiring to broaden minds and open hearts through discussions of consciousness, would become the #1-Rated radio show on Voice America 7th Wave within eighteen months of beginning. On the eve of this 5-year anniversary, with a skilled and devoted team of people who have created a seamless and ease-filled experience of online radio, I sit humbled and in awe that I have shared space with hundreds of thousands of listeners, while interviewing greats such as Mark Nepo, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Christine Paige, Andrew Harvey, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, the late Debbie Ford; and so many more.”

This mode of expression has allowed my gifts and talents to be the amplifier for other voices of others known and not-so-well-known who are creating powerful work in the world. This celebration of people and connecting of community is a sacred mission near and dear to me,” continued Singh.

This time is not only marked by this anniversary but an evolution from in-depth conversation to integrative experiences that take talk radio to a new level for the listener. This is exemplified by two recent 3-part series with Richard Rudd – Golden Pathway and Nicolas David Ngan – Soul Contracts decoded and will be continued to provide more of the content-rich programming that 11:11 Talk Radio is known for.

Accolades for Singh on the Fifth Anniversary of 11:11 Talk Radio include:

I pray your work will continue to uplift and support everyone in this time of transition.former President Jimmy Carter

I love her questions! …I think she is probably the best interviewer that I’ve ever talked to! Simran is the best interviewer on the planet!!
–Colette Baron-Reid, Bestselling Author

Simran Singh’s interview was one of the best I have ever experienced. She found places in my books that made me want o go back and read my own work.
– Neale Donald Walsch

Simran, you are a real pro with a big heart and expanded consciousness.
Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

I’ve been interviewed by many people, and was both impressed and delighted by the original and intelligent questions asked by Simran Singh.
Dan Millman, Best Selling Author of The Peaceful Warrior

I have been interviewed hundreds of times. The 11:11 interview with Simran was one of my absolute favorites. I was impressed with her deep understanding of my healing work and an ability to share profound insights with her audience. Thank you, Simran.Inna Segal, Internationally Best Selling Author of The Secret Language of Your Body

It was a great pleasure to work with such a well-prepared professional. I found the interview to be an exciting and inspiring experience.
Alexandra Solnado, Author

I was so impressed by the clarity and perception of Simran Singh. I appreciated her clarity. She read my book and presented the essence to the audience. She asked important questions and brought out the secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques of my teaching. She is a great interviewer for the author. I admire and recommend her work to different authors and teachers.
Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Author & Intl Teacher

You are a marvelous radio personality. I love your energy and your show. Eldon Taylor, Author

Where do you get these questions, these are unbelievable. I haven’t been asked questions this deep and you know these are important questions. – Dr. Rashid Buttar

We would highly recommend all who are on a spiritual path to listen to her 11:11 radio show and to read the exquisite 11:11 MAGAZINE.
Sheila and Marcus Gillette, Ask Theo

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