Since I was a child I have pursued the possibilities of life with passion and purpose. As an adult I’ve been labeled a “Possibility, Passion, and Purpose Producer” and I do believe that aptly describes me. My goal is to help others find their passion and purpose in life to be the stars they were born to be. Empowering, encouraging, and enabling my volunteers, clients, friends, and family to live their dreams makes me happy and fulfilled. Laughing, listening, and leading are my strengths. What I’ve learned through believing in possibility is that passion plus purpose equals probability.

My weakness is fundraising. Being the Executive Director of a 501 c3 charity, part of my job is bringing in the dollars to fund our numerous outreach projects. Fundraising is a challenge for me. I don’t like asking for money. I wish I had the chutzpah of a former Dean at my husband’s university who straight-forwardly would ask alumni for their wallets. To this day when my husband sees the Dean, he hands over his wallet before he is asked. Dean had the gift of Midas. I’m still on the learning curve.

In April, Be the Star You Are!® was once again honored as a TOP NON PROFIT, one of the first fifty to be so honored out of over 1.3 million charities. Thank you to everyone who supports us and believes in our mission to serve women, families, and youth through improved literacy, increased positive media, and tools for living.

Part of winning this accolade gives us the opportunity to offer you ways that you can financially contribute to our cause, many times without spending an additional penny.  If you LOVE to shop, consider doing your online shopping at more than 1300 stores through our direct site at Register for free here. It costs you nothing and every time you buy anything via, the stores pay a percentage to Be the Star You Are!®. Another great way is to buy and sell through our special EBAY site. When you buy, shop for items that benefit us. When you sell, designate Be the Star You Are!® to receive 10-100% of your final sale price. Here’s our short link: It doesn’t get much easier than that.

There are numerous other ways to support Be the Star You Are!® while getting something for yourself including buying our books, T-shirts, sponsoring our outreach programs, organizing an event, booking radio interviews, and much more. Check out for ideas or make a tax- deductible donation via PAYPAL or send a check to BTSYA PO Box 376. Moraga, Ca. 94556. 100% of your donation benefits programs as Be the Star You Are!® is an ALL volunteer non profit with no salaried employees.

Summer is around the corner and my wish for you is that you take the time to savor the sweetness of nature. Believe in the possibilities of your aspirations, apply your passion with purpose, and reap the benefits.

Thanks for being part of our STAR family. My virtual door is always open. (And when you hand us your wallets, we’ll send you a tax receipt!) 


Shine on!