Jeffrey Deslandes

Jeffrey Deslandes thought he had it all. The father of five children, he had his whole life ahead of him. But on one fateful day in 1999, he was diagnosed with B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, follicular mixed small and large cell, Stage IV, with bcl-2 gene translocation, and splenic and bone marrow involvement. Diagnosed with such an aggressive form of cancer; he believed it was all over. He was wrong; his life was just beginning. Jeffrey Deslandes has indeed crafted ‘gold from ‘straw’ and he has written about it in his recent book “From Cancer Good things Grow“.

His is an inspiring, positive, and true story about surviving cancer—and the things it teaches you. You grow as a person. You learn what is really important in life. You discover who your true friends are.
After traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy, failed to control his cancer in 2006 and after 4 recurrences; Jeffrey started looking for emerging therapies. When he learned of an experimental treatment involving a personalised vaccine protocol, he pursued it. It is now feasible to have something good—a personalised cancer vaccine—created from something bad—your cancer. This one-of-a-kind vaccine reeducated his immune system so that it could identify and destroy his cancer.

Jeffrey’s story is not a gloom-and-doom tale of yet another poor soul enduring cancer treatment. Instead, he shares his story in the hope of reaching and inspiring other cancer patients who may have given up. Some of the stories in this book come from his deep spiritual core, but he is not a “religious” man. He doesn’t require you to believe these stories, only to know that everything detailed in his book is true. “From Cancer Good Things Grow” – Purchase eBook or soft cover. All proceeds to support cancer vaccine research and development for cancer patients