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Sept 28, 2015 on VOICE AMERICA WOMEN 2:00 pm PST/ Many of us have heard of Mary Magdalene at some point in our life. In traditional religious documents she is painted as the prostitute, the sinner or someone atoning for her sins.
Nevertheless, there is a wholly different story of Mary Magdalene, one, where she plays her part as companion and wife of Jesus. Even modern theologians don’t doubt anymore that, after the crucifixion, she was somebody who had been entrusted with the mission to spread his teachings.
As a so called Ascended Master she is there today, ready to help us humans through difficult times with her soft and nurturing energy. In relationship and partnership issues especially, her support is invaluable as she lends strength and wisdom. In the last couple of years countless books about her have been published and she has, almost magically, attracted a large following.

Ingrid Auer has been aligned with Mary Magdalene for many years as a medium and channel and receives messages and very specific energies from her.