But they don’t have to.

I recently interviewed Dr. Betsy McCaughey Ph.D on “The Health Cure” radio show. She was a sheer delight to have on the show and I was extremely honored to have her and her knowledge is profound!
Dr. McCaughey (pronounce McCoy) is the Founder and Chairman of The Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (RID) in hospitals. The work she is doing is making hospitals much safer for you and I to be patients in as well as for visiting loved ones in.
Her website is hospitalinfection.org and we discussed the biggest threat to our health while in the hospital, C. Diff.
If you haven’t heard of the latest threat to humanity, you’re not alone. I’d just heard of it recently myself but had no idea how serious this threat is. Its what I call a “rogue bacteria” which is part of the superbug antibiotic resistant bacteria list that is continually growing.
C. Diff is a bacteria that now infects 5% of patients that are in hospitals and kills over 25,000 people a year.
The primary thing that makes this c. diff bacteria so profoundly different is that it enters the body through the mouth whereas MRSA enters through an opening in the skin like a surgical cut.
Its infection is in the intestines and can destroy good bacteria and if left unchecked, destroy your intestines leading to death.
I find it striking that the media and “authorities” were scaring us to death over Ebola which killed 11,300+ people over 12 months but you’ve heard NOTHING of a bacteria right here in the United States that kills over 25,000 people a year!
That’s as I like to say, the BAD news. Thank God for people like Betsy McCaughey who brings us some GOOD news!
What Dr. Betsy McCaughey has done is to develop a set of protocols that consists of 15 steps to take to put the odds of survival much more in your favor and there is one which is so profoundly simple you wonder why all hospitals haven’t made it standard.
Remember Occam’s Razor? All things being equal, the simplest solution is probably the best. Well Betsy has identified that one simple solution, instead of bringing candy and flowers to your family or friend in the hospital, bring bleach wipes!
That’s right, simply wiping down surfaces like bed rails, food trays, IV stands, really any surface that your care givers are going to touch before touching you (DO NOT TOUCH THEIR MONITORING EQUIPMENT THOUGH) will kill this c. diff bacteria.
Remember, just because the former patient in that room is gone doesn’t mean their rogue bacteria left with them!
Also, make sure that you SEE your care giver wash their hands, if you didn’t see them do that, kindly ask them to wash them again (which they must do at your request) so that you can see them. If you think about it, they really ONLY need the gloves when they are going to touch YOU. So if they put on gloves when they enter the room, if they did not wash their hands right before grabbing the gloves, the gloves are now infected with what ever was on their hands, then they touch all kinds of things adding to the gloves all manner of germs, viruses, and bacteria, then they touch you spreading those microbes directly to their patient, NOT a good scene.
Go to her site and download the 15 Steps.
In the 15 steps she discusses the use of a chlorhexidine soap to wash with for 3 or 4 days BEFORE you go into the hospital, this will remove dangerous bacteria you might be carrying on your own skin.
Remember, an ounce of PREVENTION is better than a pound of CURE.
Some of the other things we discussed was that you need a STRONG Immune System to help fight this bacteria. So increasing your daily intake of Vitamin C/Sodium Ascorbate for a week or so before going into the hospital to about 4,000 – 6,000 mg per day (spread out over a 12 hour period) can help fight infections and accelerate healing which in turn can reduce your time in the hospital thus reducing your time to get infected with c. diff or mrsa. If I was going in for surgery, I’d also bring my Sodium Ascorbate with me and take it while IN the hospital.
The other protocol we discussed was the need for increased Probiotics beings c. diff is notorious for wreaking havoc on the good bacteria in your system, its crucial to replace them as quickly as you can. My Probiotic of choice is Ultra Flora Care 50 which contains 50 billion live bacteria per capsule. One report I recently read on this particular brand, was that they actually had closer to 83 billion live bacteria per capsule which is one of the few that gives you more than advertised.
I go more in depth about Probiotics and Prebiotics in my book “The Immunity Crisis in America” which you can get on the home page of this site or at ImmunityCrisis.info
We are in the midst of a revolution, and we MUST take back our own Health and Health Care. If your care giver makes a mistake or infects you with MRSA or C. Diff, they will most likely go home to their loved ones, but you have a chance to leave through the back door (morgue) instead of through the front door. There are NO do-overs if its fatal!
You can catch a replay of the show on my Podcasts page, if its not there just yet, check back in a day or so.
I don’t want you to live in fear, that’s why I do my radio show, publish these blog posts, articles, and get on my newsletter, so you can gain the knowledge to live a happy and healthy life.