Yes, yet another case!

A Valley Center, Kansas girl was reported with a “severe” case of E.Coli.
Late last year it was cases that had cropped up across America from “suspected” contamination at Chipotle restaurants that have since been unable to isolate where it came from. Before that it was cantaloupes, lettuce, and peanut butter.
You can live in fear of going out to eat or you can strengthen your Immune System so strong that even if you are infected your system will get rid of it so fast you’ll probably not even know you should have been sick.

E. Coli is a bacteria that is very common and only a small handful actually can cause your digestive system problems.
BUT – when it does, it can make you wish life would just end because the pain inflicted by this tiny little bacteria is no small thing.
Many refer to it as food poisoning, which I guess if you want to label it, that’s as good as any.
So if my Immune System was sub-optimal and I found myself face to face with this nasty little pain causing creature, here’s what I would do to stop the thing in its tracks.
First, go to my local health food store, my preference is Natural Grocers, and get a bottle of NOW’s Sodium Ascorbate crystal powder, the 227 gram size is most common for anywhere between $12 – $15, its very inexpensive. I’d make my own batch of Colloidal Silver with my AVAg47 generator, but I could also pick up a bottle of the strongest Colloidal Silver I could find, hopefully in the 200 ppm (parts per million) range or higher.
Even though I wouldn’t feel like drinking ANYTHING, I’d add 5 grams of Sodium Ascorbate to a glass of Apple or Orange juice and drink all of it. If I can manage to keep it down, the Sodium Ascorbate will go into reactive agent mode and start neutralizing the shiga toxin that is causing all the trouble as well as helping my Immune System defeat the E. Coli bacteria. I’d also drink a 50 ppm glass of Colloidal Silver. When I buy CS by the bottle, I simply take 2400 and divide it by the ppm to tell me how many teaspoons I’ll need to make a 50 ppm in 8 ounces of pure water. FYI, there are 6 teaspoons per ounce of fluids so if the number is 12 it would be 2 oz of CS at 200 ppm.
I’d feel worse for a short while, but it’s better than the 3 or 4 days I felt absolutely HORRIBLE and the following week where I had no energy.
I’d repeat the 8 ounces of Apple or Orange juice with 5 grams of Sodium Ascorbate every couple hours until I started feeling better or 8 hours max and the colloidal silver. If I wasn’t seeing some relief after this protocol 5 times, I’d probably go to the Emergency Room to see what they can do, although it may not be much as many don’t even use antibiotics any more to treat E. Coli, some still use Cipro or its equivalent.
We need to take our health and healthcare back and stop playing catch up or reacting to every little thing that comes down the pike.
We need to start getting out ahead of these illnesses, stop waiting for “the authorities” to find a cure, treatment, or vaccine for the next thing that is waiting patiently to kill us.
You can die from E. Coli, but you don’t really need to even show symptoms if you know how to super-charge your Immune System.
If you are over 40 years of age, one of the best things is to start taking Probiotics. If I have plenty of GOOD bacteria in my gut, E. Coli doesn’t really stand a chance anyway.
So between getting plenty of good bacteria via a Probiotic, increasing my daily intake of Sodium Ascorbate, and not being deficient in Vitamin D3 (25-OH), I’d probably be in pretty good shape and could withstand a bout or two of E. Coli without much of a problem.
Get my book “The Immunity Crisis in America” and learn 10 things you can do to strengthen your Immune System.
Stay healthy my friend,
Nicholas St Jon NaMD