Odds are you’ve heard lots of information on what causes heart attacks – aka myocardial infarctions – and how to prevent them.  Ladies, I’d like to pose the question:

Have you ever considered that your womb or female reproductive health could also encounter a kind of “down there” attack that could influence the health of your menstrual flow, hormonal balance, fertility and/or menopause? Not a heart attack but a womb attack – a dramatic reaction to something off balance in your body that shows up down there.

Remember – I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I’m an intuitive energy healer and I’ve worked with many women over the past seven years on helping them to balance their mind-body-spirit energy system. Although there are a lot of dis-eases down there that could relate to a womb attack, I’m going to focus on fibroids in this post.

Before I get into fibroids, here’s some high-level information to keep in mind on heart attacks:

  • Obviously, your heart beat has a noticeable natural rhythm that also relates to movement – movement of your blood, movement of your valves opening and closing etc. Under stress your heart rate might speed up, or when you’re relaxed it might slow down. Types of “stress” not good for your heart center:

o   High blood pressure

o   Smoking

o   Diabetes

o   Lack of exercise

o   Obesity

o   Negative emotions and thoughts


  • Your heart has many important pathways of movement. Heart attacks occur if your heart can’t get oxygen rich blood due to some sort of blockage.

o   Blockages or obstructions are not good for your heart of your health because they prevent the free flow of “energy” and distorts the natural beat to your heart.

  • Coronary heart disease is a common cause of heart attacks. Typically, a buildup of plaque over time causes coronary heart disease.

o   Let’s imagine if you had a conversation with an artery inside your heart they might say – “lady you’re holding onto goop or icky stuff that’s blocking my job of getting blood to your heart. I’m going to break if the pressure builds too strong!”

  • As an energy center, the heart is designed to give love and receive love through its interconnectedness.


Alright, so how does this information relate to a womb attack or how to deal with fibroids? Actually, quite a bit.

Let’s start with some basics about the womb and then get into fibroids:

  • Your womb is connected to your heart (and brain)! I don’t think this connection is loud enough and needs to be if only to see how connected our inner world is designed.

o    What connects your uterus to your heart? Your vagus nerve! Your cranial nerve that runs from the base of your brain, all the way down to a woman’s uterus and cervix, is important to not only turning on your parasympathetic nervous system to relax and heal your body, the vagus nerve connects important messages – hormones and nerves to and from your womb. The vagus nerve also helps with fertility and orgasms. More to come soon on Play With Your Vagus Nerve Part 2

  • Just like your heart – your womb beats and its rhythm changes during your monthly cycle and continues to beat even during menopause. For example, during your streams of red time of month, your uterus beats and pulls downward.
  • A woman’s pelvic area has 8000 nerves – think about it 8000 outlets of feeling circuits that surrounds the magical mystery portal of how you came into the world and the energy center that holds your creative force to give birth to possibly a baby but also the creative space to birth your dreams.

How do you feel about your internal and external connections?

What ways are you supporting your unique and special internal rhythm? Are you listening to your heart and womb?


Now to fibroids…here’s some basic information on uterine fibroids:


  • Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that can grow in and around your uterus effecting 1 in 4 women.
  • These odd balls of cells effect X number and are the most common in ladies between 30 – 40
  • Women can have 1 to 100+ growths that can vary in size.
  • Many women often don’t feel symptoms of fibroids but fibroids can cause pain in some women due to their size, speed of growth and location.
  • 30 to 40 percent of hysterectomies performed on women in the United States are done to treat fibroids. Yikes – considering there are less invasive methods to treat fibroids today.
  • Research indicates a large number of African-American women are impacted by fibroids
  • Depending on their location, these growths can impact fertility by blocking a clear passage for the egg and sperm to hook up.
  • Sometimes excess bleeding occurs with fibroids that can lead to anemia and life-threatening conditions. (I know women who were hospitalized and in serious danger because they were afraid to go to the doctor or address their excess bleeding. PLEASE don’t be afraid to seek help!)
  • Bizarre but not surprising, doctors don’t know what cause uterine fibroids. A lot of the heart attack risks listed above are also relevant to fibroids as well. Here are a few additional considerations to pay attention to (and to learn more about fibroids read here):
  • Seek hormonal balance:
  • Fibroids are linked to excess estrogen – Diary, booze, meat, chemicals in products that aren’t “clean” – non-organic, GMO, create endocrine disruptors that mimic estrogen that throw off your hormonal balance.
  • Progesterone also plays in the role in fibroid growth – during your monthly cycle when progesterone is high (luteal phase)
  • Low Vitamin  D levels are linked to increase in fibroids

Alrighty – so let’s get into the energy aspects of Womb Attacks

Womb Attack Signs and Symptoms

Consider – if negative emotions and thoughts can impact your heart and since your heart, brain and womb are connected, how is your uterus and nearby female reproductive organs reacting to your stress?

Perhaps whatever dis-ease you’re dealing with – fibroids, endometriosis, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, etc is your body’s way of communicating with you to attack  – not to cause harm but to solve a problem. The word attack in Italian is attacare meaning to join battle.

It’s easy to get mad at your body, especially down there, for putting you through challenges. You might feel inclined to disconnect and tune out. But if you do shut down, you might be tuning out the rallying cry of your womb power, to re-connect and create a win-win healing opportunity.

The excess bleeding, pain and concern over your fibroid might be a yell for you to release and let go of past hurts, guilt or loss. Like a heart attack or heart tumor – Is it possible that your fibroid – is blocked energy that’s built up over time that got stuck or trapped along the way… an activated internal energy that continues to add cells and energy to your tumor rather than dissolving and releasing it.

I absolutely think that the foods and products that we use in our daily lives impact our womb health. With that said, I also feel passionate that since we’re made out of energy, intense and dramatic emotions that might feel overwhelming to handle at times might accumulate to create energetic blocks that can manifest into physical issues.

Our womb is the center of our creativity and seat of emotions energy center. If we’re not allowed to come to full term with our feelings over long periods and something unwanted is formed to get our attention.

Do one of more of these experiences resonate with you?

  • Dramatic and deep loss during childhood or later of a close family member, friend, partner or baby
  • Lack of acknowledgement of closing an important chapter i.e. break-up of a relationship and then constantly moving on to new relationships to distract for the pain
  • Fear of birthing your ideas i.e. you often start an exciting project or goal and then stop in the creative process because of feeling overwhelmed or insecure it might not work out
  • Conscious or unconscious repeated negative, toxic old thoughts that prevent you from moving forward in your relationships or creativity?
  • Your feminine ego got hurt by a partner and you haven’t come to full term with how it effected you?


Womb Attack Healing Suggestions

  • Connect to your feminine energy – rather than grounding your energy by doing all the things you have to do, allow yourself to BE; feminine energy is receptive, soft, nurturing, holistic, intuitive
  • BE still, connect to your breath deeply and connect with your body and womb space
  • RECEIVE messages from your womb and body
  • TALK to your fibroids and ask them why they’ve shown up and what’s important for you to know about their existence.
  • ASK what will release and let go of your fibroids; what should you grow instead of your fibroids?
  • TRUST the information your body is sharing with you.
  • The DETAILS of your life matter and you’re the only one who knows them all; avoid judging your unique details are good or bad.
  • Seek out help and guidance – the more options the better;
  • Learn about the sacral and root chakra energy centers.
  • Be curious and adventurous on how you can heal and nurture yourself; one size does not fit all
  • Choose a fun creative outlet and see it through to physical form
  • Read Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life by Azra Betrand. M.D & Seren Bertrand


Here’s an opportunity, not a curse, to listen to the rallying cry to join energetic forces with your creative power center to grow and nurture your health and dreams!