Does Hypnosis Work?? Can I be Hypnotized? Will it change me forever??
My name is Ines Simpson and I have the weekly podcast – Hypnosis-Everywhere on Voice America Health & Wellness Channel
Let’s chat about this Hypnosis thing
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring event, an essential occurring event in our lives – like breathing, or walking, or laughing – its a thing we do many times a day – every day. Hypnosis is the way the Mind works. Its call focused attention. It allows us to become immersed in a book, or a movie, or another person ( we call this Love). It allows us to focus on a sport (getting in the zone) – exceeding past the place we thought we never could.
That’s what we do – naturally – all the time.
Creating Hypnosis on purpose, however, allows us to create change – positive change in our lives.
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