“I have witnessed Jean as a lightworker and healer of the purest heart.  She has a true desire to help the world with her own magical way of delivering heavenly messages.  I have also had the pleasure of working with Jean on her VoiceAmerica Show and found her to be a compassionate listener and interview who really understood understood the topic.  She took the time to be very thorough and sincere in her approach. I highly recommend her as both a lightworker and a leader of lightworkers.”   

 -Debbie Johnson (USA) Renown Psychic/Medium

“The Angelic Love Connection (January 31, 2020); Returning Guest “Heaven on Earth: The Angelic Love Connection” (6/26/20) https://angelicmessages.com

“Jean was a consummate professional and kept me involved and informed throughout the whole process of the show from planning to post airing.  The VoiceAmerica team were great to work with, very encouraging and kept me aware of time during the live interview.”   

 -Julie Coraccio (USA) Reawaken Your Brilliance -Author and Life Coach

 “Opening to Love” (April 17, 2020)

“Dr. Farish’s friendly, calm, down to earth yet professional approach dispelled the jitters I felt initially and that created a very comfortable space for me to discuss and share my views during the show.  She’s a great host and is the kind of person that listeners easily connect with.”

   -Meena Menezes (Canada) Author

 “Building Resilience Through Self-Love” (February 14, 2020)

“Dr. Jean is on a mission to make sure every individual knows they are worthy and they are loved. I loved her radio show, LOVE LIGHT, “Living in the Spirit of Love” on VoiceAmerica. I listen on my Apple Podcasts app.  She interviews the most interesting people from around the world. I’m a big fan.  Get ready to be lifted up! Blessings!”

 -Christopher Aune (USA) Author and Master Life Coach

  “Keys to Living a Spiritual Life” (March 13, 2020)

“What pure joy it was to work with Dr. Jean Farish and the VoiceAmerica Radio.  The gift of sharing to the world cannot be taken lightly.  Their gift and talent in the way they make the guest feel so wonderfully at ease is a credit to both Jean and her VoiceAmerica team.  Their art of giving is exemplified by the professional manner they employ to do this great job.  Thank you for the opportunity to share and thank you for all that you do for this great planet with these great people and their messages. I applaud you.”

-Lynda Dyer (Australia) Mind Power Global, One of 58 people filmed for the movie, “The Secret”, Transformational Coach, Certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Progamming Trainer and Master of Matrix Therapies, International Speaker (TedX Speaker –“Happiness is a Choice”, International Bestselling Author, Global Humanitarian

“Be, Do Have and You Could Change Your World” (April 24, 2020)

“Dr. Jean Farish is a very talented lady and I am honored to be a guest on her VoiceAmerica radio show.  Jean and I met virtually, originally, in 2014, when we were both invited to be contributing authors to a book called Life Sparks – and hit it off straight away.  Since then our paths have crossed a few times in a similar manner, so you can only imagine my delight when traveling to Mexico for the EIPPY Book Awards in February 2020 to discover that Jean was also there.  It was fantastic to get together, as we both recognized each other from our virtual selves and enjoyed a real hug! Jean is so professional in her approach to both her writing and hosting.  She put me at ease right away when we were recording for the show and has a way of making me feel very special.  I hope that we will be working together again, and, Jean thank you just for being you! You are a real star!”

-Susie Briscoe (England) ACER Coaching, Life Change Specialist, Legacy Mentor International, International Bestselling Author, Humanitarian

 “Loving to Live Your Legacy” (May 1, 2020)

“I really enjoyed the Talk that we had April 03 on the topic of the Heart and the ways it allows to open doors to grow! I believe the conversation and segments flowed very smoothly.  I hope that people that listened to the show find practical tips and benefits from our conversation and hope to talk again on the show!”

-David Ortega Becerril (Mexico) Founder & Director, Health and Science Wellness Company -GENES-MX, Biochemical Engineer, High Performance Coach

 “The Heart Connection: A Doorway to Holistic Living (April 3, 2020)

I have had the absolute joy of being a guest on Dr. Jean Marie Farish’s LOVE LIGHT show twice now and I’m very excited to be coming back for a 3rd time in a few months.  Jean Marie is a very special kind of host.  The depth of care and attention that she gives to each guest and each episode is head and shoulders above the norm.  She is an expert interviewer, but more than that, she cares deeply and authentically about the experience she is creating for her listeners.  She creates meaningful conversations that serve her audience with insights, ideas, and practical action steps.  I’ve become a huge fan of Jean Marie and the LOVE LIGHT show!  She has created something really special.

-Sandra Cavanaugh, Creativity Specialist, Speaker, Transformational Coach, Best-Selling Author