VoiceAmerica Talk Radio began in 1999 and premiered on the Internet with a single channel and a linear schedule of live programs. Today, VoiceAmerica has five branded channels ranging from Business to Health & Wellness and over 50 million listeners in 140 countries around the world. 

VoiceAmerica continues to help brands and hosts expand their digital platform to their clients by providing them the opportunity to share their own unique messages, identity, and expertise. 

VoiceAmerica Mission and Vision 

VoiceAmerica’s goal is to create and provide content that educates, inspires, and enlightens any time, any place, and on any device. We continue to pioneer original live talk radio programming and produce exceptional content that emotionally connects and creates a lasting impression with our global audience. 

VoiceAmerica’s Vision for the future of Digital Media: 

  • Expand our position as the leading online network for originally produced live talk radio and be viewed by our clients as an indispensable marketing partner and ongoing collaborator in their success. 
  • Continue our commitment as a dedicated pioneer of new technical breakthroughs and industry leading innovations in both production and online media marketing. 
  • Be a company of high standards and ardent supporter of the inspired values and passionate messe of each radio host. 
  • Serve a greater good in the world by distributing original talk radio programming of high quality and meaningful depth. 

Our aim is to expand our reach by giving our listeners unlimited access to our content through our mobile application and website and provide high quality, informative programs. 

VoiceAmerica Products and Services 

Talk Radio 

VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network offers five branded channels for a range of audiences. Our channels include Variety, Business, Health & Wellness, Empowerment, and Influencers. Our channels offer hundreds of original programs weekly from hosts that are pioneers and experts in their respected fields. VoiceAmerica Talk Radio is available on any device, anywhere and at any time. 


We continue to expand our reach with VoiceAmerica TV, a full service television and production company offering worldwide distribution through VoiceAmerica channels, privately owned channels, and shared channels. VoiceAmerica TV offers a variety of shows ranging from Arts & Animation to Science & Technology. Our audience can stream VoiceAmerica TV through any device with an internet connection. 

Live Events 

VoiceAmerica also offers Live and On-demand events through our Talk Radio and TV platforms. These events can range from live business webinars to interviews with leading professionals. We work with our clients and brands to bring them options that will provide the best opportunities to reach their audience and bring our listeners content that will continue to impact their lives. 

Voice Activated Distribution 

VoiceAmerica offers ongoing management and content creation for Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings. The content is created in combination of our Talk Radio transcriptions and blog articles to be turned into the flash briefing. We can customize any content for the Alexa Flash Briefing to ensure that your content is quick, digestible, and makes the most impact. 


The VoiceAmerica Blog is another great way to engage and learn from our hosts. Our hosts and listeners can visit the blog to read more about specific topics and learn from VoiceAmerica and our industry leading professionals.  

Why VoiceAmerica 

VoiceAmerica offers a full suite of production and multimedia services in conjunction with our radio and television platforms. From mobile studios to podcast post production editing, we can accomodate our clients and support any and all of their production needs. 

VoiceAmerica works closely with our hosts and brands to provide them with the best opportunities to connect with their audience and our listeners. We have a staff and executive producers dedicated to oversee our host’s shows and promote them through various platforms including social media. 

We are passionate about providing content to our listeners that will educate, inspire, and entertain. Our goal is to create content that impacts you anytime and anywhere on any device.  

VoiceAmerica is a one stop shop for high quality and informative programming no matter if you’re looking to become a host or an avid listener. We’re dedicated to creating an incredible experience for everyone listening and watching VoiceAmerica.