Book Launch: Living Longer IS the New Normal

Joseph M. Casciani, PhD

My New Book

For nearly 40 years, I have worked as a psychologist with older adults, their families, and staff. And now, in line with my continued focus on aging, I have a new book out, published on Amazon: Living Longer IS the New Normal.

In the book, I attempt to bring my experience and observations to steps that older adults can take to define themselves as strong and resilient, and capable of seeing a positive future. I like to think that it offers inspiration about aging and brings perspectives to the reader that help with living a long, healthy life, and knowing how to take control of our future regardless of health status.

As you may have seen in my writings or heard on my weekly internet radio show, the Living to 100 Club is open to anyone on this journey. Whether healthy or not so healthy, young or old, living alone or with family, the members of the Club keep a positive mindset. Living Longer IS the New Normal is another vehicle for me to encourage others to commit to moving forward no matter how many bumps encountered. We are turning aging on its head!

Not Always a Smooth Road

In my career, I can certainly attest to the bumps and obstacles to be encountered along the way. Always maintaining a positive energy and influence with frail, often depressed or angry nursing home patients was challenging. Managing the practices of mental health professionals working in these same nursing homes was rewarding but also wearing on the spirit. Then, when I sold my companies the first time in 2014, I encountered some bad actors, and experienced some serious setbacks that took a heavy toll. But finally recovering from that led me to create the Living to 100 Club, start the radio show on Voice America, and work with a legitimate buyer for my companies, all of which got me back onto a smooth paved highway.

It was easy to write this book. I wrote it for the layperson, the consumer. It Is not meant for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, so there may be criticism from my colleagues. But, in fact, I very much liked the freedom to share my thoughts in a more popular version. I could recall the direction I took with my patients over the years, helping them to be unburdened by their negative thinking and outlook. This is why I would often encourage those who could, to get up and be out in activities, in the lobby, or just in the hallway with others; When you’re in your bed, you’re in your head was a favorite line I used. It was clear that one small change in behavior would often snowball. And the best part of writing this was knowing that I was targeting seniors as my audience. A favorite line by Jean Cocteau, the French poet, works here: I may swing from branch to branch, but always in the same tree.

If You Like It, Please Share It

The book is available as a paperback and as a Kindle e-Book. I think it can be a good read for both professionals and patients. I would respectfully ask that, if you get a chance to read it and like it, to share it with your organization, facilities, and colleagues.

One last thought: the Living to 100 Club website is undergoing major revisions and will soon include more content about the behavioral elements of specific medical and psychological conditions, largely re-purposing what I had written or taught over the years. The audience for the website remains the older adult and their caregivers. Please be sure to visit.

Thank you.