Nancy Yonally & James Derick Share Stress-coping Education with Sharon Kleyne on Kleyne Talk Radio. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® Trade Secret pH-Balanced Water Sponsors Power of Water® Water Life Science® Sharon Kleyne VoiceAmerica.

Today on Sharon Kleyne’s internationally syndicated talk radio program The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, naturally pH balanced water technology for acid mantle protection at VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio & Apple iTunes, Nancy Yonally, a wellness consultant and corporate trainer who battles substance abuse and mental disorders in Oregon and James Derick, founder of SAFE Coalition, Inc., headquartered in Norfolk, Massachusetts will discuss and explore coping with COVID-19 stress and getting people back to school and work as safely and as swiftly as possible.

“We have to get kids back to school,” insists Kleyne, “because we’re causing them more stress and anxiety by keeping them locked up at home.” It’s true that since the assault of the Coronavirus pandemic, incidents of physical, drug and alcohol abuse have gone up and up in American households. The kitchen tables of America, once so strong, are wobbly as parents cope with lack of income and jobs.

“There is a physical aspect to the isolation created by the pandemic,” says Derick, “but there is also a spiritual component. Without the in-person support that existed before the pandemic, the voices inside can get really loud. People are fighting the stigma attached to mental illness, so we at SAFE are continually messaging and calling people to let them know they are not alone.” This is especially important when people are self-isolating for the general good. Derick points out that the mission of SAFE Coalition is to provide support services to those impacted by Substance Use Disorder. SAFE helps area communities by teaching strategies for prevention, education, peer connection and treatment options. Derick ad SAFE Coalition have come to the assistance of a quarter-million people with substance abuse disorders.

Yonally, a former Health Department consultant for schools and a founding member of Graceroots Pathways to Wellness in Grants Pass, Oregon, shares that “substance abuse indicators are as broad as the population. Poverty is a key trigger, and so is drug experimentation, especially among young people, and they’re getting younger and younger (8-9-10 years old),” Yonally says. “Children are absolutely indestructible in their minds,” adds Yonally. “They believe it’s not going to happen to them. They believe they can handle it. It’s just a toy, and especially among the very young, it’s just a game.”

Yonally believes that communities everywhere have to wake up. “Denial is so dominant,” she says, “especially in the field of substance abuse. It’s difficult because sometimes when you think you know what the community needs to know, there might not always be the reciprocal response. My underlying motivator has been prevention.”

Prevention, safety and common sense drive Kleyne to educate people that “we have so much to learn about water, body water lost to evaporation and this pandemic. People don’t have the patience our forefathers had to learn about how body water loss causes symptoms of illness and disease and can lead to addictions. We don’t know it all!” Kleyne warns, “but we had better learn fast!”


Though the west coast fires and smoke-choked skies have somewhat abated, Kleyne still reminds everyone to join her in prayer for thousands of firefighters, law enforcement, scientists, medical personnel, first responders and people that have lost their businesses and homes. “Let’s pray for the heroes,” says Kleyne, “who are risking their lives so that others may live.”


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