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Grace Roots: Pathways to Wellness is a dynamic community action organization that pursues solutions for the opiate crisis. Sharon Kleyne, host of the internationally syndicated The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, naturally pH balanced water technology for acid mantle protection, on VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio & Apple iTunes, endorses the work of Grace Roots as a shining example of community cooperation and engagement. “The opiate crisis is international in scope,” says Kleyne, “yet the only way we’ll defeat it is on the local level. Neighbors must get involved in the solution. If they don’t, they remain part of the problem. Silence and lack of education are big problems in the fight against addiction and substance abuse.”

Grace Roots Board member Nancy Yonally Coleman of Grants Pass, Oregon has spent fifty years educating communities about addiction and substance abuse “Learning is the name of the game,” Yonally says about the fight. “Our focus is on community coordination and recovery. We prioritize needs, work with treatment centers and focus on nutrition, creating a foundation for healthy living.”

For example, Grace Root’s Hope Home is a transitional housing program in development for pregnant women with opioid addiction challenges. Hope Home will house four to six women and their children for up to two years while providing treatment and education that addresses with a holistic approach the myriad challenges women experience who are struggling with addiction and mothering at the same time.

Another Grace Roots program offers health and nutrition education classes to people in jail. These classes are designed to help the incarcerated take charge of their health and lives, learning new technology health hygiene habits and diet guidelines for productive, happier lives.

Another community-focused organization endorsed by Kleyne is SAFE Coalition in Massachusetts. SAFE is a regional coalition of community partners in Western Norfolk County (serving Franklin, Foxboro, Mansfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, Plainville, Walpole, Wrentham and surrounding towns) who have come together to provide a pathway for support, education, treatment options and coping mechanisms for those affected by substance use disorder. SAFE Coalition does so by empowering those affected, including their families, with the tools necessary to succeed on their journey to recovery. “We understand that while I can’t, we can.”

James Derick, founder of SAFE Coalition who brings more than thirty years’ experience battling addiction and substance abuse in Boston and beyond says “there are a number of ways in which people are introduced to substances. People reach outside themselves for relief from problems. We need long-term communal cooperation and efforts so that people understand the nature of this illness. With medicated assisted treatment, relapse prevention and resources that are readily available,” Derick explains, “you have multiple agencies pulling together. With vested partners, you’re building a community to support and celebrate recovery for a lifetime. This is the way that we will wrestle this epidemic to the ground.”

Kleyne teaches that involvement, education and treatment at the local community level always leads to positive results. “We need to pull together in our communities,” says Kleyne. “It’s the commonsense way to improve health, discover cures for illness and get people back to work and school.”


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