The Coronavirus pandemic gave a whole 180° turn to live. Everything stopped instantly like education, work, or traveling. Individuals were stuck at homes. Not being able to travel made people more anxious and stressed, and there was no chance they could get away from their homes.  In the interim, all they wished was to spend safe vacations on their preferred spot, however, it was not possible due to quickly spreading COVID-19.

Step-by-step the cases started diminishing, and the administrations around the world began to remove the ban on visiting tourist locations. At long last, tourists and newly-married couples are permitted to go around exploring their favorite destinations. How could the travelers hold up after receiving such incredible news? So they hurriedly picked their destinations, booked their flights, packed their gears, and waited for take-off!

The majority of the nations’ previously restored the travel industry in their nations, while a few governments have not yet removed the travel ban.

Reopening of Travel Ban Restrictions Globally

The European Union proclaimed to facilitate the COVID-19 lockdown quantifies and permits vacationers from fifteen nations to visit Europe from the 1st of July, 2020.


Out of the considerable number of nations, the temporary travel ban in Spain was the hardest among Europe, as around 84 million individuals visited the nation a year ago. Visitors started visiting Spain after the ban was lifted on 21st June, 2020

Anybody entering Spain has to complete a health form and provide a negative COVID-19 PCR result taken within 72 hours of arrival in Spain


One of the most excellent and frequently visited destinations, Greece, is open for all the global vacationers from the 1st of July, 2020. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world can see rugged mountains, lush forests, silent lakes, crystal-clear waters, green valleys, and lovely beaches of Greece with no travel limitations keeping a certain standard working methodology.

Visitors from all countries are required to provide negative PCR tests taken up to 72 hours prior to traveling. They are also required to self-isolate themselves for 7 days upon arrival.


Around 5 million international travelers visit Bali Island each year. The Coronavirus pandemic destroyed all the new plans of 2021. However, Bali which is the favorite destination of all tourists is still closed for tourists. So, all the tourists planning their trip to the Indonesian Island can plan their trips to some other places.


France is every tourist’s favorite location and was the most visited one preceding COVID-19. The celebrated nation was not open to remote travelers until July. Shockingly, the vacationers from France and from everywhere throughout the globe will be permitted to visit France and appreciate the prettiest views completely by August. However, as of January 31, France has banned all travel except essential travel by European Union. All allowed visitors still have to provide negative corona result upon arrival.

Nonetheless, Europe permitted sightseers from chosen nations to visit and travel with no limitations.


The nation known for its brilliant engineering and old locales is presently inviting travelers with both of its hands. The state still has travel limitations for vacationers from more than 31 distinct nations. Germany has released a list of countries approved for entry but only if there is an urgent need for a visit. Testing and self-isolation are required for entry.


Italy is permitting travelers from Europe for essential travel but not for tourism to visit the nation after calculated risks. Travelers from certain countries are still banned but others allowed must provide a negative PCR result.


Croatia, the spot known for its Mediterranean islands, sapphire waters, rich urban culture, and area of the famous Game of Thrones was visited by 20 million vacationers in 2018. The nation has empowered the travel industry since December. Consequently, travelers are allowed to appreciate the live views of this tasteful nation.


Turkey lies in Asia and Europe and gets sightseers from both of these zones all year. The nation could not avoid opening the travel industry, so the administration opened the outskirts for people from June, 2020. Recently, Turkey has banned all travelers from UK, Brazil, Denmark, and South Africa due to new Covid variant cases


Without a doubt, travel bans hugely affected Egypt and its economy. The state is one of the quickest developing travel industry destinations on the planet. Along these lines, the travelers made some hard memories of not going to Egypt for this long. Be that as it may, the administration chose to permit individuals to visit the nation step by step in June and July, 2020.


The Maldives is famous for luxurious honeymoon resorts and has been recognized as one of the best honeymoon destinations for 2022. Tourists visit the Maldives every year to enjoy and relax in the beautiful resorts surrounded by blue ocean views. Around 1.7 million individuals visited the Maldives in 2019, and the country is expecting 2 million tourists in 2021/22.

However, COVID-19 had an alternate arrangement. The legislature lifted the movement boycott for global sightseers in July 2020. Presently, all the travelers exhausted from the lockdown routine can spend an excursion adjacent to the tranquil expanses of the Maldives.

International visitors must show proof of negative PCR results taken with 96 hours.


Mexico additionally opened the travel industry area astute, and till the 15th of June, 2020 all the sightseers were allowed to spend excursions in the nation.


Dubai has stunning touring attractions alongside the best shopping centers that make it a one-stop-shop for the voyaging needs of vacationers. Thus, the notable city opened its fringes for the tourists on the 7th of July, 2020

To enter Dubai and Abu Dhabi, all the visitors are required to provide negative corona PCR results.

Final Thoughts

The vast majority of the states are evacuating travel limitations bit by bit. The vast majority of the states are removing travel restrictions gradually. What could make the tourists happier than this? If you wish to spend vacations in any of these countries, then book your tickets now.

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