Podcasts are on the rise and knowing what products you need to get your show off the ground can be hard. From microphones to pop filters, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of necessary (and optional) products for you to start your very own podcast. 


The most critical component to your podcast and the piece of equipment that will help you create your show is your computer. From editing to marketing and distribution, your laptop will be critical to your podcast creation. Podcasting isn’t as demanding as professional music production so you may be able to use a device you already have. 


The microphone is one of the most particular items you will need. You can’t use just any microphone and we don’t suggest using any built-in camera or microphone in your computer or phone. Those devices tend to pick up more ambient noises and background sounds that will sound less professional. 

Your voice is the most powerful tool you have for your podcast, so you will we want to be sure to have a microphone that makes you sound clear and professional. There are a variety of microphones on the market, for beginners starting out in podcasting, a USB microphone is simple to plug into your computer and start recording. For those who want more flexibility, an XLR microphone might be the way to go. 


When you’re recording anything from podcasts to music, you need to be able to monitor the audio. Headphones are your go-to to monitor audio quality and background noise so you can eliminate retakes. 

Some podcasters choose to use earbuds, but high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones can ensure the sounds doesn’t reach the microphone to interrupt your recording. 


An audio mixer is designed to help improve your audio quality with more control over sound levels, inputs, outputs and more. It can be really beneficial in circumstances where you have remote or call-in guests. For the best mixers for any budget, you can check out our blog here.

Pop filter 

Another critical piece of equipment for you to capture high-quality audio is a pop filter or windscreen. Pop filters are designed to prevent or minimize the sound of your “P’s” and “B’s” by absorbing the blasts of air before the sound makes its way to your phone. 

Recording and editing software 

You have all the tools you need to start recording, now you need to record. There are a lot of free recording software solutions online. Apple users can use GarageBand for both recording and editing your shows. 

Once you have recorded your podcast, you will need to be able to edit it. Many podcasters use Adobe Audition which gives you a lot of editing options for post-production. 

Optional products or things to consider  

A sound-proof space 

Podcasts can be recorded anywhere from nearly any device today. However, having a space free from distractions and outside noise can be incredibly beneficial. A soundproof space can make editing and recording much easier and more professional for your listeners. Soundproof padding or folding soundproof barriers are easy solutions for new podcasters as well. 

A vanity URL 

If you want to grow your podcast, you will want to give your users a place to easily leave reviews so you can get feedback and improve your show. The best ways to do this is to get yourself a vanity URL. Vanity URLs are links that allow you to direct traffic to your reviews on a streaming platform. It’s an easy way to save you from giving a long website address and simplifying the process for your audience.

Design software 

Another optional product that can help elevate your podcast is a design software. This is to design your social media content and cover art for your show. The design can help to engage and draw in listeners and should be indicative of your topic. Be sure to consider color, font size, word length and more considering it is a small image for your audience to see on their devices. 

Staring your own podcast can be financially cumbersome, but having the right tools is important to your success. Additionally, there are a lot of inexpensive products and free software to help you get started. If you are interested in starting your own podcast or radio show, VoiceAmerica already has all the tools and producers to help you get started with a built-in audience. To learn more, reach out to our team