If you’ve started a podcast, you know that the tools can be expensive and critical to ensuring a quality show. Your microphone is one of those tools. However, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide (with links) for you to find the right microphone to fit your setup and budget. 

Best microphones under $100 1. Samson Q2U

The most versatile and cost-effective microphone on our list is the Samson Q2U. This is a great mic if you’re just starting out that won’t break the bank. It comes with both XLR (analog)  andUSB (digital) cables to connect to your setup. 2. ATR2100x 

The ATR2100x microphone is very similar to the Samson microphone above. However, the major difference is availability. It may be easier to find one or the other in certain areas or countries. 3. Rode PodMic 

At just under $100, the Rode PodMic is an incredibly powerful microphone despite its price point. It is an XLR microphone, meaning that it doesn’t directly plug into your laptop or computer and can be a bit difficult for podcast beginners. 4. Rode Smartlav+ 

The cheapest of the three – the Rode Smartlav+ is a tie-clip or lavalier mic designed specifically for recording with smartphones. This tiny mic makes it easy to interview anyone, anywhere or conduct interviews on the go. It also offers great sound quality despite its small package. 

Best mid-range podcasting microphones ranging from $100 – $2005. Rode Podcaster 

Our first pick on this list, the Rode Podcaster microphone is a dynamic USB microphone that offers great, reliable quality. Many podcasters today use this in their studios. If you’re just starting out and can afford a little bit more than the options above, this is a great microphone. 6. Blue Yeti 

The Blue Yeti barely makes it into the mid-range category coming in just above $100. This mic offers quality sound and can be used for more than podcasting, including conference calls or gaming. The downside is that it’s not specifically designed for podcasting. 7. Samson Q9U

The Samson Q9U is a newer model of the first microphone we mentioned. This mic can be used in XLR and USB just like the previous model. The sound has improved over the previous model and the price point is only a bit higher than the older model. 8. EPOS B20

This USB microphone, the EPOS B20, offers a sleek design with very minimal setup requirements. It also comes with a useful desktop app and high quality hardware. This mic is designed for gaming, however, can be used for quality podcast recording. 

Best premium podcasting microphones over $200 9. Shure SM7B

This microphone is probably the one mic that comes to mind when you think of podcasting and radio shows. The Shure SM7B is a legendary, all-in-one microphone. The $400 price point is a bit steep, but for podcasting veterans this microphone is completely worth it. One thing to note is that the Shure microphone will pick up any background noise, so it needs a professional environment. 10. Rode NT1 

The Rode NT1 is a high quality microphone that comes with a lot of bells and whistles at a relatively low price point. It does cost over $200, but it comes with a shock mount and pop filter making this a great deal and easy to set up. 11. Heil PR40 

One of the most recommended podcast mics in the industry, the Heil PR40 offers some of the best sound available today. This stylish XLR microphone is a great fit to record in any environment as it doesn’t pick up much background noise. The only downside is it’s high price point. 12. The Electro-Voice RE20

The last microphone on our list, the EV RE20 has a loyal following in the audio world. However, this clocks in at the most expensive mic on our list. It’s an incredibly versatile microphone that’s great for podcasts, voiceovers, gaming, music production, talk shows, narration, and more. 

Finding the right microphone to fit your budget and needs is critical to your success. We hope our list helped you on your search to find the right microphone. If you’re interested in starting your own podcast or radio show, reach out to our team to get started.