Join me Thursday, May 11/23 at 1pm EST!   talk with recognized Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Emergency Management expert, Vito Mangialardi, as we talk about Fit for Duty. Fit for Duty means that an individual is in a physical, mental, and emotional state that enables them to perform the essential tasks of their work assignment…even under adverse and stressful situations. Isn’t that something Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Emergency Management personnel should be concerned with?

We talk about:

1. ‘Fit for Duty’ defined,

2. Duty impairments,

3. Managing fatigue…when people are already fatigued,

4. Policy,

5. Helping people with issues,

6. Safety issues,

7. Leadership and when a leader isn’t quite right for the role,

8. Managing issues when people with no training or awareness try to manage a situation,

9. Hierarchical issues,

10. Discussing Fit for Duty with 3rd Parties and Vendors,

11. Tips to help embed ‘Fit for Duty’ in your organization.

Vito brings to light some interesting perspectives and insights with regards to Fit of Duty, and the things we need to consider. Remember, for many individuals, what they do and how they do it can have an impact on the life and safety of people they work with or are trying to help. Enjoy!