Join me Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 1pm EST, on the Business Channel!

The pandemic isn’t over. Now it’s time to talk about the current ‘tri-demic’ the globe is experiencing and what that means for society. History always repeats. It’s time to talk with Regina Phelps about the current state of affairs with regards to RSV, COVID, the Flue and the societal disruptions and impacts we’re currently experiencing.

We touch on:

1. What is a ‘tri-demic’?

2. More new variants!!

3. What’s happening around the world (and I give an update on what’s happening in Canada),

4. The return of measles? Really?

5. The Long Tail of COVID – Societal Disruptions.

It’s another fact-filled chat with Regina, as we talk about where we are with COVID…and where things are heading. History always repeats. Don’t miss what Regina has to say. Enjoy!