In the realm of executive coaching, Monique Daigneault, the President and CEO of MD Consulting, shines as a beacon of resilience and insight. With over 18 years of experience, Monique has redefined leadership paradigms for corporate executives worldwide, spanning six continents and more than 15 industries. As an Accredited Master Coach, she has amassed over 3,000 coaching hours, guiding leaders through her meticulous and impactful coaching process.

Monique’s coaching philosophy revolves around helping clients set realistic goals, unearth the underlying causes of business challenges, and craft effective solutions. She adeptly addresses workplace issues and implements sustainable changes, all while focusing on measurable results. Her approach delves into the conscious and unconscious behaviors that impact leadership abilities, offering clients profound insights into their professional relationships and enabling them to drive meaningful changes across their organizations.

One of Monique’s key strengths lies in her proprietary coaching process, which fosters business agility, resilience, and influence. Through her guidance, executives not only enhance their leadership skills but also develop the capacity to thrive in complex business environments.

Monique’s journey is a testament to her resilience and determination. As a survivor of childhood trauma, workplace micro-trauma, and Complex PTSD, she has overcome immense challenges to achieve remarkable success. Her academic accomplishments include seven business certifications, an Associate and Bachelor of Science in Management, and a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. These experiences have endowed her with a unique perspective and a profound empathy for her clients’ struggles, allowing her to guide them with authenticity and compassion.

In addition to her coaching accolades, Monique is a published author, with contributions to two self-published books. She is currently in the process of pitching her latest leadership book to publishers, further establishing her influence and thought leadership in the executive coaching arena.

Monique Daigneault has transformed her past adversities into a mission to revolutionize workplace behavior and empower leaders to achieve greater impact and influence. Her unwavering commitment to driving positive change in organizations worldwide makes her a formidable force in the field of executive coaching. Through her work, Monique continues to inspire and enable leaders to reach their full potential, fostering cultures of resilience, adaptability, and excellence in the corporate world.