Tag: Spiritual Growth


“I could sense something big was on the horizon and the timelines of our Earth were separating. It was the time I had intuitively known about all of my life. One of my first children’s stories was called The Tribe of Uno. It was the story of a tribe of people who suffered a cataclysmic disaster that spilt their tribe into two, forcing each one to choose between two worlds. I saw this playing out before my own eyes and knew I had to choose wisely and let go of everything that was not true. I began to sense that there would be those who wanted to ascend into the higher “organic” frequencies and those who would choose to remain locked in the artificial time loop of the lower frequencies repeating the past over and over and over. I decided I would no longer waste my precious time, energy and talents on people who did not desire to ascend. Instead, I would dedicate all my energy to helping those who wanted to awaken from the dream spell. I realized that a Consciousness Renaissance could not occur until the world got its wake-up all. So I dedicated myself to helping people wake up!”

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