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The Journey from Chiropractor to Shaman & Energy Medicine Healer

Tune in October 9th to Wise Chats, Simple Talk, Profound Wisdom to the Voice America – 7th Wave Channel on Wednesday at 11-12 am PST or 2-3 pm EST where we have guest Dr. Paul Alfalla, DC, Shaman, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner / Specialist / Teacher

Getting Hooked Up!  The Journey from Chiropractor to Shaman & Energy Medicine Healer

Throughout history there comes a story that captures the essence of life.  Dr. Paul’s story is one of those.  From Chiropractor, to Shaman to Energy Medicine healer he formed a new base to help people heal and thrive.  His journey captures walking the path first hand, the ups and downs that shaped his soul and turned heads from those who wondered what he was doing and why.  Nonetheless, Paul answered the call to heal himself and others blending his expertise gained as a chiropractor with shamanistic practices and energy medicine.  Together he and I will share extra-ordinary stories that shaped his life, his practice, my life and my practice.  I was changed because of my contact with Paul. He was changed because of the experience with me.  Together we formed a synergy that created an evolutionary energy field encompassing others into a vortex of extra-ordinary shifts available to all who seek a spiritual path. Witness and learn from this profound journey a new way of healing and being.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Alfalla, DC, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner / Specialist / Teacher

From Peru, Dr. Paul Alfalla will share his story and journey of getting “hooked up” to spirituality that changed the course of his life from a traditional US trained professional chiropractor with two thriving chiropractor offices outside Lima, Peru to an extraordinary gifted healer.  His compelling story will leave you spell bound and laughing at the whimsical twist of events that shaped his destiny to reach his spiritual calling.  Paul studied extensively with Energy Medicine Partnerships and now is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner / Specialist and Teacher.  In addition he studied with Peruvian Shaman Ameila Pandura (pictured below) and African Shamans that augmented his role into a healer with blended skills that walk between worlds. Paul learned how to connect with nature, plants, animals and spiritual beings in his multi-dimensional journey.  Nothing in his life before 2001 prepared him for what was to come.  This is a story that needs to be told.



dr bulbrook

Dr Bulbrook was co-founder and director of training of  Hospice Salt Lake in Utah during the 1970’s.  In that role she became intimately aware of individuals, families and communities needs during dying and death.  Walking with a person and family during the dying process enriches one’s life beyond words.  Opening to “see on the other side” however came not in that role but through her early spiritual life.  Spirits starting coming to her and speaking at an early age but this ability did not take shape until her adult life.  During her studies in Healing Touch and through her own work as a family therapist and psychotherapist, doors opened to other dimensions as she developed her senses beyond the ordinary five.  She became a channel to receive and give messages to clients from the other side and vice versa.  She has presented at the  Rhine center, an international community dedicated to research and discovery of paranormal phenomena as well at other professional meetings worldwide.