The greatest fear for most is fear of the unknown. Our knowledge of death and the dying process certainly triggers that fear for many. Although it has been depicted as such, death is anything but morbid. We are told it means things have ended, decayed, and been lost… gone forever. Death is identified with grief, tears and sadness. This fear of the unknown relates not only to physical death but the multitude of life experiences that court change. The unknown can be a paralyzing factor that keeps individuals stuck in circumstances that are disempowering, victimizing, painful and uncomfortable. We get so comfortable being uncomfortable that it appears easier than embarking on the unknown. Fear and negativity would have us believe the unknown holds death…it is the story we tell ourselves…the stuff we make up…the illusion within the illusion…or is it?

Perhaps the death we fear and run from is not really the end but actually the beginning. Can something dying be its gift for new life? Is it possible we are meant to experience dying on a continual basis for the purposes of ultimate creation and connection to others and ‘who we really are’? Could dying and birthing be one in the same? Is death actually a shedding of layers throughout life, so we continue living the immortality of the spirit – dispensing of thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns, dis-eases, discomfort, relationships, environments, and energy that no longer serves the individual.

Many walking are already ‘dead’ – living unconscious lives without feeling -disconnected from themselves, others and their passion – moving day to day by habit rather than by choice – settling for what is their circumstance instead of seeing it as the platform from which to create. For so many today, their ‘end’ is already here…physical death would matter not. In this moment, if you are not truly alive, then die to who you have been and live the life you deserve. Be passionate…Be a dreamer… Choose to live the I’M Possible dream rather than the impossible one. 

In Love, Of Love, With Love and Laughter… Simran Singh
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