Manifesting is a word that you may or may not be familiar with. It is a term that describes a process that has become a subject of dynamic conversation in our world. In essence, it means creating with conscious intention. 

If you find yourself wondering how some people create exactly what they want in their life while others struggle to do
so, realize that you are not alone. The truth of the matter is that we are constantly creating or manifesting our world, but many of us are creating it at an unconscious level. 
We continue to create today what we created yesterday, because we are still creating at an unconscious level. The big shift in our life comes when we start to understand this concept and use our power of conscious awareness to create our world. 
Sound complicated? Many would answer, “yes” to this question, as they try to wrap their head around this theory. What if you had a tool to use, one to which you could personally relate? My feeling is that we all already have that tool within; we just have to identify what it is and remember how to use it. 
The question to ask yourself is this, “What have I already created in my life that I created with relative ease?” You see, manifesting is not hard, unless we believe that it has to be. Once you recall something that you created with ease, you can start to remember the way in which you manifested it. Then you can identify the process you have already experienced and recognize this as your personal blueprint for manifesting. 
I tell the story of the experience that I use as my blueprint for manifesting in my book, A Soul’s Journey Home. This experience is the manifestation of my condo in Hawaii. As I have already had the experience of easily creating exactly what I wanted, I can now use this experience as my blueprint, or guide, when I want to create something else. 
In brief, my experience was as follows. When I first moved to Hawaii, people would ask me where I lived. I would tell them that I was living in a temporary rental unit but wanted to find a different place. As I would say this, I would find myself thinking about what kind of place that I would like to live in. I would find myself mentally drifting into my creative space where I could start to visualize, feel, and virtually experience what and how I wanted it to be. I would allow all of my senses to give me messages as to what it would be like, and I listened to those messages. 
For instance, I felt that I wanted to be in a quiet, calm environment that would nurture and restore my body, mind, and soul. I wanted there to be open space around me, so I could expand and breathe. I wanted there to be people around, so that I had a sense of community, but I wanted to have my privacy as well. I wanted it to have a clean and neutral interior, so I could start to fill it with the colors, shapes, and textures that would comfort and support me. Views of the mountains and of the water were also very important to me, even though it seemed it would be physically impossible to have views of both at the same time.
I had created the vision that I wanted, and then I set it free. By this, I mean that I did not try to force the creation of this vision by trying to logically figure out it out. I set it in motion to see what the universe would lead me to, and remained open to what the final package would look like. Then I began to actively look at properties as I connected with the leads, to see if they were what I wanted or not. 
With each place that I looked at, I would sense how it resonated with me. The first few were very close to what I wanted but did not have all of what I was looking for. As I identified what worked and what didn’t, I would continue to fine-tune my vision. 
It only took me a short time before I walked through a front door to know immediately that I had found my new home. It had everything that I was looking for, including a view of both the mountains and the water, something that seemed to logically defy itself as, in most cases, both could not be seen by looking in the same direction. 
So identify your blueprint for manifesting. It may take you a while to remember, or it may pop into your awareness immediately. Tap into the creative process that you used to create that experience. Beginning to create without trying to control the outcome. As you begin to play with the process of manifesting, learn to fine-tune what it is you want to create, and don’t let the logical mind try to tell you that you cannot do it.
Happy manifesting.
In Loving Inspiration,
Angela Bushman
A natural born empath, Angela Bushman is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Author, Inspirational Artist, and Host of Shine Your Light on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel. Her passion is to inspire others to align with their true essence and create a life of joy, love, and abundance. Through writing, coaching, speaking and painting, she guides others to soar to higher levels and discover the freedom that comes from living an authentic life. In the midst of a vivid awakening that led to divorce, adventure and heartening new friendships, Angela recognized her spiritual abilities for the first time in her life and took radical leaps of faith to discover her inner gifts.Now an Intuitive Empowerment Coach based in Phoenix and Hawaii with clients all over the world, Bushman works with individuals via phone, Skype, and in person consultations, each of which is designed to activate one’s personal blueprint for transformation.

Her first book, A Soul’s Journey Home, is more than a personal rendition of a passage through divorce and awakening. It is the riveting, universal story of a woman’s discovery. It is also a touching narrative about the way pain and illumination of awakening can gradually transform the contemporary role of motherhood in miraculous, unexpected ways.

Angela’s high vibrational paintings have been channeled to allow others to be shifted through the use of visual tools. Her most recent painting, In the Flow, was awarded Honorable Mention at the 43rd Annual Aloha Show in Hawaii.