rebel road

As I embark on the Rebel Road, I am faced with a lot of different looks and comments…
  • I do not understand what you are doing or why.
  • You need to be realistic.
  • You have to have a plan in place; you have no plan.
  • How can you do something without an end goal?
  • How are you going to support yourself?
  • Where will you stay?
     All of those statements are what the average person would concern themselves with, because we have been programmed to do so. It is how systems have kept us in line and confined… how the national debt became what it is, how healthcare, government, housing and even education has become just another system to box us in. What if this is completely opposite of who we are but we have gotten in so deep we have developed worldwide amnesia? 
     As I look around creation, I see all other systems that operate organically, they do not have rules and structures; they live by an internal code. Is there a plan? Yes… a Divine Plan… one that operates organically. It is a self-organizing system. 
     A seed that begins in the earth simply experiences growth. It has no idea it is a plant, until it becomes one. And then as its stalk grows, it has no idea whether it will create flowers or fruit until it does… its only purpose is to continually be itself, in the moment. The same goes for insects, animals, clouds… everything. Where did we fall off track? Where did we decide that the Divine Plan was not good enough that man had to design plans? 
     As I returned from Peru, I kept receiving the message to RELAX… the word appeared everywhere from magazines, books and songs to within my meditations. I know the Universe and its manner of play so I realized quickly I was being asked to probe deeper into what I knew RELAX to mean. In sitting with it, I determined it meant relax into myself… relax into the truth I inherently feel, whether or not others ‘get’ it. 
     My truth says that a larger vision, than what the mind can comprehend, is being brought forward. The mind will not be able to wrap itself around it. In those moments there can be no plan because for true co-creation to happen, all that is necessary is for us to appear as experience moment by moment. WE keep trying to figure out the unknown by what is known… How is that possible? It is, after all, the UNKNOWN! I was going to trust my gut and not delve into a plan truly knowing that what was needed would appear… It is organically what we are. I had already proven it to myself this week. 
     I had tried to write the songs for The Rebel Road for the last several months and nothing would come so I decided to focus on the Peru trip I was taking people on. As I flew back from the retreat, words started coming. In the last 5 days I have written 12 songs and they are really quite good… according to a few well versed song writers ( pardon the pun ). The songs were not really needed before. That would have been a premature birth, and what do we do with things once we have them, we control them. They appeared in the moment necessary and not before… and in plenty of time. 
     As I had a meeting with my advisory group; two women kept raising the point that there just needed to be a plan… structures they said; also stating that if we did not have a plan currently, August was too early to begin this Tour and it should be put off till Spring. The next points were… ‘And look at the cities, who knows anyone in Missoula, Montana… How were these cities selected?  Why are we going there and we do not even have a venue. And where are we staying. If we decide to not do an RV and go by car, we still have to have places to say. The call ended agreeing to reconnect in a few days. As I listened, I thought… isn’t this what we do? We say, I do not know how, so I will put it off. WE do not trust ourselves or the world at large. Then, we make excuses why it cannot happen, we talk ourselves out of it or we let fear build. I had been guided this was the time… and so it is. I trusted. 
    I breathed deeply, feeling very centered. I knew what I knew. I am filled with a deep sense of trust. My ‘Conversations from the Universe’ have been confirming every step of the way. The very next morning I received two emails. The first was a woman from… Missoula Montana donating to The Rebel Road and offering to help in any way she could. Thank you Universe for providing the exact proof that illustrates the Universe is listening all the time! The second was an email from a lovely woman in Montreal, ‘Simran, I have two cottages between Montreal and Canada and you and your team are most welcome to use them when you come through if you desire.’ Again… another confirmation from the Universe. This tour was going to bust through all restrictions and excuses because life is different than we let ourselves believe. We are One after all. How can someone hold an idea with full heart and it not spark in other places with the same flame?
     We are just filled with excuses when life is truly conspiring to support us. The problem is we will not support ourselves. We speak of faith and trust but they have become buzz words instead of integrated being. How trusting are you of life? Do you believe more in the structures that bind you or the Great Unknown that holds every possibility? The Rebel Road has only one goal… to have no agenda, plan or end measure. It is here to be an adventure, an organic experience of the magic of life, the interconnectedness of herts that resonate and a celebration of humanity’s journey. Along the ay… if it inspires, helps people to claim themselves, fulfill their dreams and unite in community and unity… well that is the organic unfoldment that just happens when we respond to the whim of the heart and believe that everything is possible. This next year, I commit to seeing through the eyes of an innocent child… one filled with hope and wonder… one that never meets a stranger and is always ready to dance, sing, celebrate and play! Care to join me?  
  • Get your ticket by choosing any of the 66 Cities
  • Feel free to provide Donations if this resonates
  • Want us to appear at a specific venue, park, location… let us know
  • Know anyone who would host the team for a night or two as a means to commune and connect?
  • Want to be a part of the celebration… help plan, organize or simply be recognized for what you do in that area?
  • Want to provide anything you have created that we can give away to people along the way and share your work and vision? 
There are many ways to be involved… Don’t ask too many questions because I may not have a lot of answers. It is the UNKNOWN after all. Will you trust in something you cannot see or hear quite yet? Well that is the question f all time isn’t it? Can we trust in something bigger than us, that we cannot see, cannot hear, are not even clear on what it is… Trust the Great Unknown and you might discover it is all YOU. ( And also… watch  my Tedx… it might let you see how we are always guided…
In Love, Of Love, With Love… Simran 
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