Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio.  is booming, having broadcast 80 shows worldwide. Twenty-two teens from across the country have been reporters with 17 currently working. Our thanks to Voice America Kids Radio, Perry Damone, and Bruce Solstein for the fantastic experiences for BTSYA youth. Tune in every Tuesday, NOON PT/3 pm ET on Voice America Kidand for photos, descriptions, links, archives, and more, visit Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio.  

How has Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio impacted our Hosts/Reporters? Read On…

“I have always had a dream of doing radio broadcasting and Express Yourself Radio has made my dream a reality. I am able to talk with incredible guests and even share my own stories. Express Yourself Radio has armed me with a greater sense of confidence and poise that will equip me for my future endeavors.” Clare Durant, Dump ‘Em or Date ‘Em Reporter and Co-Host, Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio heard Tuesdays NOON PT/3pmET

“Being on Express Yourself!™ on Voice America Kids Radio has been such a fun, enriching experience. It is so cool that we are able to reach such a large audience discussing a huge range of topics from crazy pets to self harm to smart decision making. Thanks KidStar for the opportunity to talk to motivated young thinkers from around the world who ask bigger questions. We are all grateful for this great learning experience.” Caie Kelley, What’s Poppin’ Reporter and Host on Express Yourself!™ heard Tuesdays NOON PT/3pmET

“I am so grateful to Express Yourself!™ and Voice America Kids for the wonderful opportunity that they have given me. It’s amazing to think that every week an ordinary girl can be the voice of teens everywhere. Being on the radio is so much fun and I’ve been able to meet other extraordinary people who are so passionate about what they do. I would not be the same without Express Yourself!™  and Voice America Kids.” Youngjoo Ahn, Host and Artsy Gifts Reporter on Express Yourself!™ heard Tuesdays NOON PT/3pm ET

“Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio is the perfect opportunity for students who wish to get a head start on “the world out there”, so to speak. Everything necessary for life on your own is included in the show: time management, dependable behavior, working with many different types of people, and of course, public speaking. Being on the radio show, and especially helping to administer its weekly processes, has opened my eyes to a variety of different aspects of life I never experienced before.” Steven Zhou, Original Teen Host and Show Administrator on Express Yourself!™ heard Tuesdays NOON PT/3pm ET 

“Express Yourself!™ and Voice America Kids have given me the chance to both expand my horizons and reach out to people. Not only do I get to speak on the radio to inspirational people about things that we’re passionate about, but I also have so much fun while doing so. I cannot thank Express Yourself!™ and Voice America Kids enough for the opportunities they have given me.” 

Courtney Cheng, Host and Book It Reporter on Express Yourself!™ heard Tuesdays NOON PT/3pm ET

“Although I have only been part of the Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio on Voice America Kids for a short while, I can honestly say that it has been a really great experience. I immediately feel part of a community bigger than myself and the town I live in. It is truly fantastic to call myself part of the team of this lovely family we have all grown to love on Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio.” Jane Fessenden, Reporter, Nerd Word on Express Yourself!™ heard Tuesdays NOON PT/3pm ET

As creator, producer, and chief teen wrangler of Express Yourself!™ broadcasting on the Voice America Kids Network with over twenty hosts and reporters from around the USA and guests from around the world, I can attest to the tremendous opportunity for growth and real world radio experience being part of KidsStarVA has been for each individual participant. Working with Perry, Bruce, and Cornelius has been 100% positive as these men truly care about nurturing the talents of our youth. How I wish this radio placement was available when I was an adolescent. Thank you to all…it’s a privilege to be part of an ALL STAR team allowing our future leaders to express themselves now! Cynthia Brian, Producer/Host StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® Radio, Producer, Express Yourself!™, New York Times best selling author, Founder, Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity, and teen coach.