*image credit Mirka Mora

Life on the edge simply means you trust in the wings you have with which to fly. We all have them… We are angels after all. Life was never designed to be as hard as humans make it. We have forgotten how to rest… How to relax… How to organically flow. Live in the rhythms that organically occur. Consider living in a manner that sounds too good to be true… And you may discover it is the truth and all good. Relax into yourself… Your body…Your life.

The sacred valley lay within… It is the deep bowl of creativity that awaits your presence… And then it is sparked with new birth… New life. As this happens, something else shall die away… And it will be something that needs to go. The cycle of life is fluid and organic when we allow its rhythm.

In the moment you least expect it… Awakening happens. The unknown holds all your secrets… And the heart holds the Great Unknown. Let go of the mind and what you know… Find a deeper intelligence that rests in the heart. 

Never be afraid of the ‘unknown’ because the vastness of who you really are is there. Step beyond what you know and see there is greater the value in what you don’t know.
Just love… Fall into the heart… Rise in love. What you will soon discover is that much of your life may have been being in love with the idea of love than the object itself. But, when you see yourself as love… Then not only will you be ‘in’ love you will find many objects of love making their way to you as well. 
Open your heart. Let yourself have what you most desire by first opening your heart to it. What you do not realize is love does not require the other.. It really only requires you. If you delve deep and really feel, really imagine… You will discover your dream will experience deeper than your reality has… and it will draw to you that or greater. Try it and see.
In Love, Of Love, With Love… Simran 

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