Dry Eye TreatmentNature’s Tears EyeMist has been available on Drugstore.com since 2004, according to Bio Logic Aqua Research Founder Sharon Kleyne. Mrs. Kleyne recently announced that that the company’s association with Drugstore.com will continue for the foreseeable future.

Sharon Kleyne is Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, a water and health research and product development center that owns and markets Natures Tears® EyeMist® and other 100% water personal humidifying products. Kleyne owns US and worldwide patents on the mist application technology used in Natures Tears® EyeMist®. Kleyne also hosts the globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes.

“Drugstore.com,” says Kleyne, “is an outstanding and reliable organization that offers Natures Tears® EyeMist® customers an easy, problem-free purchasing option.” Bio Logic Aqua Research’s strategy of marketing Natures Tears® EyeMist® through Drugstore.com, and its subsidiaries, Beauty.com and VisionDirect.com, has been in place since 2004. Internet marketing offers a 24-hour, stay-at-home convenience to customers that is not available in stores.

Natures Tears EyeMist, says Kleyne, has received 44 customer reviews on Drugstore.com, with an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. The lowest rating was 3 stars and only three reviewers entered negative comments along with positive comments. Two of the three negative comments, Kleyne explained, represent a misunderstanding of the product.

According to Kleyne, (1) when applied correctly, the 100% water mist does not run eye makeup or make the face damp, (2) humidifying the skin of the face and eyelids is an essential component of the product’s dry eye relief strategy, (3) Natures Tears® EyeMist® is contains no formulated chemicals and is in no way “merely eye drops applied as a mist,” and (4) only 3 to 5 nanoliters of the water mist needs to penetrate the eyes’ protective tear film to successfully hydrate the eyes and bring the tear film’s water content back up to normal.

The eye’s basal tear film, according to Kleyne, is 98 percent water. When the tear film’s water content drops, dry eye complaints begin. Common complaints include itching and burning eyes, eye strain, headache, fatigue and blurred vision, Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® represents a new discovery in the relief of dry eye complaints. The product supplements lost tear film water by utilizing the company’s trade secret, 100% all-natural, pH correct tissue culture grade water, applied as a fine mist with a personal, portable, hand-held humidifying device.