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Adjusting Step: Adjusting with Your Environment

You are going to fall.   You are going to fumble.  Things are not going to always be right and well.  Whether it be no fault of your own, or completely your fault, your life will at some point face a hardship.  That does not mean that you have to be overcome by the situation; however, many people fall in line and accept the fact that because things are hard or bad they must act, as they understand, accordingly.  They have to be mad, sad, gloomy, pessimistic, and/or hateful because the situation they are in; their environment, doesn’t suit what they want.  To them I state, you have not gained a well-balanced outlook of the Adjusting Step.

Go look at the form.  There are times when you will see a posture and then a seemingly cheating step.  That is the adjusting step.  In the form, it is accounted for that there are times when one will have to further extend their posture outside of where things normally end in the form.  Because of change, the body must change, in a positive manner, to cope.  The practice is to cope without anxiety –filled movement; without hesitation, without haste- allowing neither fear nor anger to be a factor in your side of the outcome of a situation.    

Now with this notion comes the understanding that one has accepted the environment around them, and has accepted the knowledge that environments have a tendency to change.  In your Tai Chi form practice, I first say, learn the stepping and movements the way your instructor teaches and whenever you train with your instructor, during the time of instruction, never falter from what they have taught you.  Now later in your time, do the form under differing conditions, close your eyes, face a corner of the room you don’t normally face when you start, move to a smaller more confined area, do your form on different surfaces; under these conditions try to be as close to what you were taught and see where else adjustments must be made.  Put yourself in as many different environments as possible and always remain the same, or as close to as possible, and stay efficient.   This way, hopefully, when random changes are made you are already prepared and you would have learned to adjust yourself with your environment in a totally positive manner (note the word “with” and not “to”).  In being able to do so you may be at a point or begin to move to the point of becoming a creature of being in the stead of being a creature of action or reaction.

Your environment may change, be able to efficiently change with it; a basic rule of thriving.


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